The CUUGer

Newsletter of the Calgary Unix User Group

Index to reports of CUUG General Meeting Lectures.

Issue Major Contents Summary
January 2000

Extra-BIG Issue!
CUUG Security Breached - Change Your Password!
CRC Gets Cool New Compaq Alpha
CRC Volunteers Sought
Major Mac OS-X Coverage!

September 1999

Special ALL-HARDWARE Issue!
How to Build a PC
Calgary's New Cray
The "PC Weasel" Invented in Calgary

December 1998

We are the Rebel Alliance
New PPP documentation
What should CUUG be?

September 1998 New Board, Extra-Large Size
Roy pleads for Do-Gooders,
More PPP documentation

June 1998 CUUG to die for lack of volunteers?
In the Beginning...

March 1998 Vast networking improvments!
Excellent talk on OpenBSD at meeting

December, 1997 CUUG suffers computer break-in!
CUUG finances shaky
Large database servers
Unix employers head-hunting

November, 1997 One of our own visits Microsoft
Special Perl issue!
Many book reviews

May 28th 1997 CUUG Move a Success
Database Engine R&D with Linux
ACM '97 Reports, Book Reviews

February 28th 1997 CUUG Offices, Computers Forced to Move
PPP Access to Stay
Report From USENIX

December 30th 1996 Fee Increase of 30% Voted In
Board Defends Ending PPP Access
Editor Whines About Apathy

June 9th 1996 Fee Increase Tabled at General Meeting
The Bug We Found When Steve Cured the IBM
Smokin' : Specs on our new HP workstation

May 5th 1996 Fee Increase Sought by Board
CUUG Accounts Cracked
New Sponsors: Enernet, 3Com, CES

April FIRST, 1996

Special April Fool's Issue.
(The index didn't say that on Apr. 1)

February, 1996

CUUG to B-Test Cable Modems
CUUG adds ISDN Bandwidth

January, 1996 Pagemaker 4 file of the last "PaperNet"