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Vegreville & its Easter egg

In addition to being the center of Alberta's Ukrainian culture, this town of 5300 has one other claim to fame: the world's largest known Easter EGG! We kid you not. This nine metre(!) high egg, decorated in traditional Ukrainian style, was built in 1975 to commemorate the centennial of the formation of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta (although I personally can't see the connection). Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip unveiled the plaque next to the egg during their visit in 1978. The Ukrainian festival is held in Vegreville during the first week in July.

A big Thank-You goes to Victor Hannak who supplied both the graphic above and the following facts! (errors are my fault, not his)

Ukrainian Easter Eggs are called "Pysankas", and to back up Vegreville's assertion that this is the biggest in the world a plaque is included telling the reader:

Over 12,000 man hours of design and fabrication were required to develop the structure. The Town of Vegreville website has more information.
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