If You Forget Your bsdwall "root" Password

bsdwalls are Intel-based machines with all only the one disk partition, the "/" directory. So the generic instructions at the OpenBSD site can be simplified down to:

  1. Reboot. When this prompt appears at the very start of the reboot:
    You should quickly type:
    and hit ENTER.
  2. Then it will soon go right into a command prompt with no login, a simple "#" sign. You type this magic incantation:
    fsck -p / && mount -u /
  3. After a moment it will give you another "#" sign prompt. Type this at it:
    and hit ENTER.
  4. It will prompt you to enter a password for root. Twice. Type in your new root password each time. Then it will give another "#" prompt.
  5. Type a
    command and hit ENTER.
  6. Let the next reboot proceed normally, and type root at the "login" prompt. then give your new password when it asks. Unless you've forgotten it already, in which case...just go to step 1!