CUUG 2000/2001 Board of Directors

President: Mike Babulic
Mike Babulic

Mike was also a Director in the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 years.

Vice President: Paul McPhee
Paul McPhee

Paul joins the Board of Directors for the first time this year.

I have been a member of CUUG since 1994, and have always enjoyed the meetings, but last year I decided to get more involved in the organization. I joined the Mentors group as it was being formed, and since then I have been actively involved in the development of the CUUG Linux Course (except for a few weeks when I had a separated shoulder). I have found participating in the Mentors group to be quite rewarding, so I would now like to take it to the next level and offer myself as a candidate for the board. I think the most recent board has made a good start on getting more members (like myself) involved in CUUG and making CUUG attractive to new members, but there is still much to do. In my day job as a Systems Analyst for the Calgary Police Service, I try to apply creative pragmatism to solve business problems, and I would like to offer the same approach for helping CUUG to grow.

Secretary: Clinton Work
Clinton Work

Clinton joins the Board of Directors for the first time this year.

Treasurer: Roy Brander
Roy Brander

Roy was also a Director in the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 years.

I've been on the Board two years and doing the newsletter (sporadically) for over four.

I'm an Engineer and former I.T. manager for the City of Calgary Waterworks.

My original platform for the Board two years ago was to bring about major changes at CUUG to change it from the "cheap ISP" it partially became in the mid-90's. I think that CUUG is now able to act on those ideas. If elected, I will advocate:

I expect this platform, if implemented, to cost us a significant portion of the remaining membership. I'm comfortable with that. There was a time when providing Unix Internet services, to the non-Unix community was a good thing for CUUG to do. That time is past and now is not related to our charter. And, more to the point, many CRC volunteers who have their own ISPs are tired of it.

It's also my hope that the effort of writing even a paltry $25 cheque will inspire many CUUG members into volunteering instead - besides helping out with CUUG operations, we'd "count" hours spent helping any Open Source project, assisting the "Bethany Project", or helping get Linux into the schools. We'd much rather see the volunteerism than the money! (But it would, sadly, probably generate a few grand and we'd console ourselves with a new "igor".)

I'm very serious about this; if there is substantial rejection of these basic ideas by the rest of the Board, I promise to resign from it before Christmas.

Chairman: Mark Hewitt
Mark Hewitt

Mark was also a Director for the latter half of the 1997/1998 year.

I have previously served on the Board, and am currently part of the CRC. I believe I can contribute to the continued evolution of CUUG to improve the club and support our members. I am of a similar mind to Chris Aziz in the broad details of what should be done:

  • support new members
  • improve and secure (in all senses) the CRC
  • improve social and technical interaction
  • continue to provide sound administration (in the sense of background financial and managerial details) to support the existence and improvement of CUUG

    Christopher Aziz
    Christopher Aziz

    Christopher was also President in the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 years.

    I have served as CUUG President for the past two boards of directors and although ineligible for the 2001 CUUG executive, wish to continue helping the club redefine and rebuild itself both as a director and as a committee member.

    I still believe that CUUG has an important future. What CUUG offers that a FAQ, manual or web site doesn't is human interaction, networking and friendliness. The "stuff" isn't really that important. Involvement and participation are the central themes for the new style CUUG board.

    In the past two years we've seen some solid accomplishments:

  • more members "coming back" to volunteer
  • a new sense of purpose in our club
  • a revived membership committee with a mentoring program for new members, a new Introduction to Unix course, and assuming responsibilities for general member services such as meeting hospitality.
  • a revived CRC which has moved all our central services to CUUG owned machines, secured those machines, and improved member services.
  • we've pared operating expenses to net of membership fees. This means that over the last two years we haven't had to use any of our sponsorship money to pay for current (operating) expenses.
  • "clubbiness" and friendliness are coming back along with a few new members.

    We've made a very strong start but there is still a lot to do. The next club year will see more courses, better networking, special interest groups, better access to vendor machines like the 167Mhz Ultra I from SUN, the 500Mhz Alpha from Compaq and possibly an IA-64 demo machine from HP, all through the new "playroom" which the hard work by our new CRC has made possible, improved office services access through our 5x8 office access with CBS, and further rationalization of club operations. With continued increasing member volunteer effort, the best is yet to come.

    Our club works because of volunteers. Our dues do not cover the cost of services provided by the club. We need to recognize our serious "worker bees" and get more members involved. The revamped board has established the ethic "don't complain, help fix it" (professional whiners and talkers please stay silent). This ethic is working. We are slowly starting to get more members to volunteer.

    None of the above is new or radical. What is new is that the CUUG board of directors and committee volunteers has been implementing rather than just talking and planning.

    Mike Carleton
    Mike Carleton

    Mike was one of the founding Directors of CUUG, way back at the beginning of time.

    I have been a member of CUUG since inception, was one of the founding Directors, and served on the CUUG Board during the first three years of operation. During these first years CUUG experienced rapid growth and some turmoil as organizations discovered the internet and relied on CUUG for various services. Establishment of the CRC was a significant achievement for a volunteer based organization, and it is rewarding to see that the CRC has been maintained.

    CUUG has demonstrated value to the membership through the CRC, monthly meetings, networking opportunities, information sharing, UNIX training, and community service such as the Bethany Care Centre project.

    My interests are in ensuring CUUG continues providing these services, and that new ideas and input are injected to keep the organization growing and vibrant. Much of the CUUG subject matter is aimed at the "Sys Admin". This is very valuable, however I would like to include how UNIX and open source technology are being used from a business and management perspective. I also believe CUUG should have a higher profile within the business community. I will put effort into these aspects, while working with the other directors to generally support the needs of the club.

    Mike Carleton holds a B Sc and the ISP designation. He is a CIPS member and has been working in the Information Technology field for about 30 years.

    Blair Dean
    Blair Dean

    Blair was also a Director in the 1999/2000 year.

    I would like to contribute what I am able to CUUG operations, policy, projects and committees.

    Alan Dewar
    Alan Dewar

    Alan was also Vice President in the 1998/1999 year, and Chairman in the 1999/2000 year.

    I have been a CUUG member for many years, and have served on the board since January 1998. I was Vice President in the 1998/1999 membership year, and Chairman of the Board in 1999/2000. CUUG bylaws mandate me out of existence (well, at least as far the Board is concerned) in 2002, but in the mean time, I'd like to continue to help guide the future direction of CUUG.

    Randy Greig
    Randy Greig

    Randy was also a Director in the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 years.

    As a small part of the current board I am proud to have been a part of some great changes in CUUG. I would like to continue to be (hopefully) a greater part of the growing future of CUUG.

    Brent Hoerle
    Brent Hoerle

    Brent was also a Director in the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 years, acting as Assistant Treasurer in 1998/1999, and as CRC chairman in 1999/2000 and again in 2000/2001.

    I believe that the changes in the club over the last two years have made a fiscally stronger organization. The on-going changes to the CRC will result in a technically stronger organization. The club will continue to grow stronger with increasing volunteer support.

    Sam Johnston
    Sam Johnston

    Sam was also a Director in the 1998/1999 year.

    Keith McClary
    Keith McClary

    Keith was also a Director in the 1998/1999 and 1999/2000 years, and maintains the content of the CUUG web site.

    Lawrence Wong
    Lawrence Wong

    Lawrence joins the Board of Directors for the first time this year.

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