in Alberta classes. This started in three classes [Grade 2,7 & 11] in September'95 and is continued the following year with Grade 4-6 & 8, in coordination with School Week at the Calgary Science Centre. Now this "page" is an intermittent, semi-static ongoing project to see what relevant resources are available "out there". (The topics are defined by Alberta Ed.) Suggestions, links, etc. to or educational matters to are appreciated.
  • The Pet Rock and Fossil Clinic, FREE, Saturday, for S&T Week in Oct., at the Geological Survey of Canada, 3303 - 33 St. NW. Bring your rock & fossil treasures and learn their stories from a research geologist.
  • The Government of Alberta has started to produce Science Course Info, and the SCIENCE COUNCIL of the Alberta Teachers' Association has a new useful site. Also CRESC, the Calgary Regional Elementary Science Council is the local support for Calgary area teachers

    Grade 2 Science

    Grade 3 Science

  • Rocks and Minerals:
  • Sound

    Grade 4 Science

    Grade 5 Science

    Grade 6 Science

    Grade 7 Science

    Grade 8 Science

    Grade 9 Science

    In Grade 11 & 12:

  • Science 20

  • Science 30

  • Physics

  • Chemistry 20

  • Biology 20

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