OpenBSD Configuration Files in /etc Altered by bsdwall

Important Note! Some of the files named below have changed, but this web site hasn't caught up. In particular: pf.conf replaces nat.conf, ipnat.rules and ipf.rules.

The bsdwall script rewrites eight files in the /etc (configuration) directory of a "vanilla" OpenBSD machine.

These pages go over those files, and the changes to them, line-by-line. /etc/dhclient.conf : Sets which NIC looks "outside" for DHCP service as a client.

/etc/dhcpd.conf : Configures the DHCP server provided to the inside machines.

/etc/dhcpd.interfaces : Sets which NIC (the "inside" one) the DHCPD server works on.

/etc/ipnat.rules : Sets how the firewall also provides NAT, (many machines share one connection)

/etc/rc.conf : Sets a kitchen-sinkful of machine settings, several of which are changed.

/etc/sysctl.conf : Helps turn on NAT

/etc/ipf.rules The actual ipf.rules file. Heavily internally documented.

newsyslog.conf file that gets one minor change to support sending of logged packets only to the log file, not to the console.