As an indication of the meaning of the Yahoo! links, readership of the essay jumped from the 10-20 hits per day it received through much of 1996 and 1997, to about 70-80/day when the James Cameron movie came out. When the URL to this essay was mentioned in "The New York Times" on January 12th, 1998, the hits jumped to 130 for the day and took a few days to settle back to around 100.

The hits for January 17th, the day after the link went up were an amazing 2318 - one can only conclude that Yahoo! is over 70 times more influential than the New York Times - on the Web, at least.

I'd like to thank all the people that have written in with kind words and questions.

According to Altavista, here are six other sites that have links to it - most are Titanic "fan" sites with a large page links to about every other Titanic site on the Net. The Web is sometimes mirrors reflecting mirrors, which is why I vowed to put a little real content into my home page.