The Titanic & "Risk Management"

  1. The original 1995 essay (3 pages, text-only)

  2. The Titanic: An Enduring Example of Money Management vs. Risk Management
  3. Much longer lecture with 60+ graphics, and a lot of added material comparing the Titanic to the Challenger, delivered as:
    Presentation to the National Defense Industrial Association Conference,
    Vancouver, Feb 29, 2000.

     (The graphics are on separate pages from the text; the best thing to do is get the text page, print it, then read it while browsing the 60 graphics)
  4. A Single web page with selected, lower-res graphics that prints as one document about 16 pages long, originally delivered as:
    Elias Kline Memorial Lecture for the 69th Shock & Vibration Symposium.(October, 1998)

  5. "The RMS Titanic and its Times: When Accountants Ruled the Waves",
    Speaking notes from the lecture,
    with essential graphics and tables added,
    plus links to web sites referenced in the material,
    and a Bibliography.

    I couldn't put in all of the graphics by any means, so the slide's name just appears in boldface - generally the text explains what it shows.

  6. Downloadable "ZIP" file of the Elias Kline Lecture

Roy Brander