C.D. (SAM) JOHNSTON, Seismic Interpreter

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  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Maracaibo, Venezuela (temp)
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  • e-mail: johnstos@shaw.ca
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    Canadian citizen, married with three older children; born (U.K.) May 19, 1949

    Professional Profile:

    Sam Johnston is a Senior Professional Geophysicist with 34 years of experience in Canadian and International Oil and Gas Exploration and Development.

    He has detailed experience with all seismic techniques, is proficient with computer interpretation and modeling systems, and is knowledgeable with all aspects of petroleum geology and business. Sam has interpretation experience in all basin types, in all depositional environments, and in all structural styles. He has lived and worked on six continents.

    EDUCATION/Further Training

    Countries of Work Experience

    Canada (8 basins), United States (3 basins), Venezuela (2 basins), Colombia (3 basins), Ecuador, Peru (2 basins), Argentina (5 basins), Australia (2 basins), New Zealand, United Kingdom (2 basins), Norway (2 basins), Gabon, Oman, India (4), Pakistan (2) and Tunisia (3 basins). Many evaluations and "world wide basin/country evaluation project"

    Work Experience

    Oct. 1995-present JOHNSTON SEISMIC CONSULTING LTD. Calgary

    July. 1985-Oct. 1995 NORCEN ENERGY RESOURCES LTD. Calgary

    Nov. 1993-Oct. 1995 Staff Geophysicist: Canadian Foothills,Frontiers & International

    Nov. 1988-Nov. 1993 Exploration Coordinator: Foothills, Frontier, Deep Devonian and Geophysical Supervisor: Domestic Exploration

    May 1987-Nov. 1988 Senior Technical Advisor: International

    July 1985-May 1987 District Geophysicist:N. Alberta, Northeast B.C & N. U.S.

    2-D and 3-D seismic interpretation in on-going full cycle exploration plays.


    Oct. 1981-Aug. 1985 NORSK HYDRO a.s., Bergen, Norway - Consultant

    June 1981-Oct.1981 NORSK HYDRO U.K., London - Consultant

    Set up U.K. district office, completed 3-D interpretation to evaluate a deep Jurassic block prospect and completed Sole Pitt regional seismic and geological interpretation.

    Dec.1980-June 1981 TOTAL CFP Tunis, Tunisia - Consultant

    Completed four seismic interpretations to evaluate projects in diverse and structurally complex areas that involved extensional and wrench tectonics.

    July 1978-Dec. 1980 GULF CANADA RESOURCES, Calgary - Geophysicist

    Sept.1974-June 1978 Edmonton - Brisbane, Australia - Asia - Canada

    Completed PDAD at U. of Alberta, taught Physics/Math in Brisbane, motorcycled from Indonesia, through Asia, to Europe, and across Canada and taught Physics/ Math in Canada.

    May 1972-Aug. 1974 MOBIL OIL CANADA, Calgary - Geophysicist

    Northeast British Columbia/Southern N.W.T: Developed Devonian carbonate stratigraphic and structural prospects. DHI (Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator) company wide Project

    May 1969-March 1970 NORTHERN GEOPHYSICAL, Calgary Line Truck Driver

    Seismic line crew: Completed seismic acquisition programs throughout Alberta.


  • Seismic Interpretation Systems: Landmark (SeisWorks, EarthCube, SynTools, StratWorks, ZMap+, Rave, SigmaView), Paradigm/SeisX&VoxelGeo, GeoFrame/IESX/GeoViz, MagicEarth/GeoProbe, Geoquest, Charisma, SeisWare, SeisLog+, SeisVision and WinPics
  • Seismic Processing Systems: Advance/Promax, "Gulf"
  • Mapping Systems: Z Map Plus, Autotrol/ProGeo, Petrosys/Petroseis, GeoScout, Acumap, Surfer
  • Modelling Systems: GXT/GX2, GMA/LogM, GMA/Struct, Cogniseis/GeoSec, EarthVision, ER Mapper, H.R./GeoStat/ISMap, Roxar/IRAP-RMS, Petrel
  • Office/Business Systems: most applications. Most network and internet applications.
  • Operating Systems : Unix, Mac and Dos/Windows.


  • Northern Viking Graben Multi-Level Three Component Walkaway VSP's: A Case History, First Break ,EAEG, 1986, with P. Dillon/H. Ahmed
  • The Hild Field: A Problematic Structural Complex, in Habitat of Norwegian Oil and Gas Fields, Norwegian Petroleum Federation, 1986, with K. Ronning




    English-fluent, French/Spanish-poor

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