Zoom: Click or drag the mouse near the edge/center of the display (black area) to ZOOM out/in.
Destroy, Create(not working in some models) see below.

In some models the status line of your browser shows the width of the display in kilometers, astronomical units and light years.

Orrery : Solar System Simulator

A Java Applet that simulates gravitating masses.
Solar system models and demos of Lagrange points, solar system stability, etc.

New! Orrery with NASA Images


( Most contributed by Jeff K. )

Calculators Online

Applets (write once, crash everywhere):

N-Body motion simulation in Java

Gravitation 3.8

Solar Sail Navigation School

Inner Solar System Model

Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion

Law I

Law II


Kepler laws

Kepler's Second Law

JLABS Orrery Applet

Other software:

Orrery program using Java-3D

Orbit Xplorer Windows, 15 second demo.

Gravitator Pro

Newtons Aquarium(MacOS - free demo offered)


Celestial and Orbital Mechanics Web Site

Other solar system sites:

Solar System Live(Where are the planets today?)

NASA Space Academy 3D Orbit Viewer

NASA Space Library(View the Solar System from any planet, any time)

Broken Links :^(

Solar System Modeler


chrisg's Gravity Models

Analytical Graphics, STK Navigator Module

Trajectory Optimizer


Orbits 101-Demonstrating Orbits with Java

Newtons Planets

Orbit 3D II

Nori's Solar System Applet

A Scale Model of the Solar System


Requires a recent browser supporting Java 1.1. The applet was developed using the Java Appletviewer on a Linux system. Unfortunatly Java implementations vary. It works OK with Internet Explorer on W95/98. Netscape on IMac refused to load the applet (the one time I tried it).

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Updated Jan. 19, 2002
Applet and models updated Nov. 2000

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