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-- Soleil and Liam, 2012.

|          Chronological timeline for Illyana Rasputin (Magik).             |
|                                  By                                       |
| Soleil Lapierre ( and Liam Stitt ( |
|                             Version 2010.01                               |

This timeline lists Illyana's appearances in order of her personal
perception of time (or as nearly so as we can piece it together).

Each paragraph lists the title and issue number (and page number, if
relevant) of one appearance, with a brief description of what happens
to her. Some issues may appear more than once in the timeline due to
flashbacks etc. Advertisements are not counted in the page numbering.

The main run of the New Mutants was used as the backbone of this timeline,
and other appearances were inserted where they fit best relative to New
Mutants continuity.  We realize that S7 #3 isn't really continuity...but
we're placing it there anyway.

Included in this timeline is every Magik appearence we know of, but in all
likelihood it is incomplete.  If we have missed something, please let us
know about it.  Also, feel free to argue with us about where stories should
be placed along the timeline - after all, we did, frequently and often, when
compiling this in the first place!

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This document is copyright © 1996-2009 Liam Stitt and Soleil Lapierre. It may 
not be redistributed in modified form and this Copyright must not be removed.  No 
fee may be charged for the use of this document, and it may not be sold in any
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for it.


======= Acknowledgements ====================================================

  - Borere ('s X-Continuity FAQ
    ( listed several appearances
    of Illyana that we were unaware of.  Thanks!


======= A Note on Terminology ===============================================

There needs to be a manner in which the post-Inferno child Illyana can be
distinguished from the pre-Inferno teenaged Illyana; thus, we have chosen
to refer to the former as Illyana-2.

OHOTMUDE is the abbreviated form of "The Offical Handbook of the Marvel
Universe Deluxe Edition".
LS is the abbreviation for "Limited Series".


The Sections

  [1] Canonical MU timeline
  [2] Flashbacks, Photographs, and Other Miscellany
  [3] Official Reference Sources
  [4] Issues to be Placed
  [5] Unconfirmed Appearances
  [6] Yet to be Catalogued 
  [7] Other Media and Miscellaneous

The "Canonical MU timeline" section covers every on-panel appearence of Illyana
from Giant-Size X-Men #1 through Uncanny #303.  The "Flashbacks, Photographs,
and Other Miscellaney" section deals with alternate-timeline appearances (such
as AOA), parodies, and odds and ends like the pinups in Marvel Fanfare #45.
The "Official Reference Sources" section lists the entries in OHOTMUDE and 
other reference sources.  "Issues to be Placed" notes several items we don't 
know enough about to place.  Finally, "Unconfirmed Appearances" notes 
possible appearances (or flashbacks, or whatever it may be) that Illyana 
*may* appear in, or things that *could* be Illyana (ie, Destiny's crystal 
vision in UXM #254).

=== [1] Canonical Marvel Universe section ===================================

Giant-Size X-Men #1 (and numerous reprints thereof)
Illyana plays in a field near her parents' place and is rescued from a
runaway tractor by Colossus.

Classic X-Men #29 (backup story)
Illyana is surprised by Piotr, who has returned home to visit.

Uncanny X-Men #146
Illyana is shown with the other friends and family of the X-Men Miss Locke has
kidnapped. Arcade built an Illyana look-alike robot.

Marvel Team-Up #135 (page 7, panel 4)
Placement: A number of conflicting factors make it difficult, if not
           impossible, to accurately place this story, so we just chose a
           place where it could fit in continuity.
Illyana, sitting on the couch beside Piotr, reads a book.

Uncanny X-Men #153
Kitty tells Illyana a fairy tale to get her to fall asleep.

Uncanny X-Men #154
Illyana leads Piotr to a laboratory on Magneto's island.

Uncanny X-Men #158
Illyana and Piotr watch TV.

Uncanny X-Men #160
Belasco kidnaps child-Illyana; she escapes Limbo thirteen years old.
Since the framing story in the Magik LS occurs between New Mutants 13-14, it
is placed between those issues.

Uncanny X-Men #164
Illyana eats dinner with Professor X and hints at what happened in Limbo.

Uncanny X-Men #165
Illyana goes diving.

New Mutants #1, page 8
Illyana accompanies Moira to visit Gabrielle Haller and learns that
Xavier is a father.

Uncanny X-Men #167
Illyana and Piotr greet Kitty when she wakes up.  Later, all three plus Moira
escort a healed Xavier.

Uncanny X-Men #168
Illyana talks with Kitty, goes to dance class, and chops firewood with Piotr.

Marvel Graphic Novel #5 (God Loves, Man Kills)
Illyana and Kitty spy on some Stryker goons, then Illyana is captured by them.

New Mutants #3, page 8
On Muir Isle, Banshee overhears Illyana saying farewell to Cat's spirit
at sunset on Kitty's birthday.

Uncanny X-Men Special Edition
Placement: sometime between UXM 160 and NM 5.
Illyana gets Kitty to give her a tour of the X-Mansion, to get her out of the
way while the rest of the X-Men (plus the New Mutants, Starjammers, and others)
prepare a suprise birthday party for Kitty.

Uncanny X-Men annual #7
Placement: Kitty & Illyana roomies. Lilandra and Xavier on Earth.
           Standard X-Team: Storm, Logan, Piotr, Rogue, Kurt. Kitty
           has Lockheed. Lilandra about to leave.
The Impossible Man steals the X-Mansion in the middle of a ball game with
Illyana observing. After the conclusion of his treasure hunt, Impy imitates
Tom Selleck to get some ice cream from Illyana and Kitty.

Nightcrawler LS #1
Placement: Illyana's hair is tied back in a ponytail/bun.
Kitty and Illyana monitor Nightcrawler in the Danger Room.

Nightcrawler LS #2
Kitty and Illyana try to rescue Nightcrawler and Lockheed from the Well at the
Center of Time.

Nightcrawler LS #3
Kitty and Illyana continue their rescue efforts. Copy in this issues implies 
days have passed on Earth.  Would they still be sitting around in the same 
clothes, etc?  So do we take this as an error in the copy, or a possible 
one, or something else?

Nightcrawler LS #4
Kitty and Illyana rescue Kurt and Lockheed.
Is it just me or does anyone else find it hilarious that there was a BRS just
waiting for Illyana to randomly hit?

X-Men and the Micronauts LS #1
NOTE: Placement of this issue is uncertain. It belongs shortly after Amara
      joins, near the appearances of Dani's Demon Bear, and at a time when
      Dani is uninjured by the bear.
Illyana tries to convice Kitty to do her homework, and later bids
Kitty [in fact, Karza posessing Kitty] goodbye.

X-Men and the Micronauts LS #4
Illyana is seen unconscious, knocked out by the Entity and protected by

Uncanny X-Men #171
Illyana talks with Kitty, then accidentally programs a Danger Room sequence
involving Belasco.  She freaks out and attacks Kitty with the soulsword.

Uncanny X-Men #179
Illyana worries about Piotr, then says goodbye to Kitty, who is headed into
the Morlock tunnels.

Magik LS #1
Illyana stands at the top of a cliff behind the mansion (which makes
Graymalkin Lane something of a vertical climb) looking at Belasco's 
bloodstone and ponders her existence, remembering what happened to her in
Limbo, starting with the tug-of-war between Kitty and Belasco in Uncanny 160.

Magik LS #2
Illyana encounters S'ym, learns hand-to-hand combat, ages a few years, and
creates the second bloodstone.

Magik LS #3
Illyana apprentices under Belasco, discovers her mutant power, witnesses
Storm's damnation in the past, and kills Cat in the present to save Ororo.

Magik LS #4
Illyana kills Ororo to save her soul, returns to Russia and is rejected by
her parents (do we know with certainty it was them?), and is captured and
tortured by Belasco.  Escaping, she realizes she wants revenge, not redemption,
and creates the soulsword.  Illyana overthrows Belasco and, finding Kitty's arm
grabbing for her, grasps it and is pulled out of Limbo.  In the present, she 
reflects upon her victory and decides to make the most of it.

New Mutants #14
Illyana ponders her time in Limbo. S'ym appears to take her back to Belasco,
and in a panic she 'ports the New Mutants into Limbo briefly, where they see a
younger Illyana. Current-Illyana fights off S'ym with her soulsword, and he
promises to serve her.

New Mutants #15
Illyana astral-travels to check on Kitty & Doug's visit to the Massachusetts
Academy. The White Queen shatters Illyana's astral body, releasing her demon
protectors into the X-Mansion. The New Mutants go to rescue Kitty & Doug.

New Mutants #16
The New Mutants botch their rescue attempt, and Illyana teleports herself
and Dani away from the White Queen at the last minute.

New Mutants #17
Dani & Illyana return to the Academy to find that a year has passed and the
New Mutants are now part of the Hellions. They try again and appear a week
after the rescue attempt. The New Mutants regroup and make good their escape.

Firestar LS #2
Illyana appears in a danger room interlude, and later at a party hosted by
the Massachusetts Academy.

Uncanny X-Men #183
Illyana consoles Kitty after Piotr breaks up with her.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #8
Placement: After UXM 183.  Before Ororo returns to Africa.  Thus, after
           Kitty & Wolvie LS, and the Kulan Gath arc.
           Wait...wasn't Ororo gone before they were back? Or was this where she
           decided to go, and then where does this fit?
Illyana tells a campfire faitytale to cheer up Kitty, as payback for Kitty's
fairy tale in UXM #153.

New Mutants #18
Dani & Illyana oversee a Danger Room session. Illyana answers the door when
Rachel Summers makes her appearance from the future, and later catches Dani
fighting bears in the Danger Room.

New Mutants #19
Illyana tries to protect Dani's hospital room from the Demon Bear, and
discovers her armor for the first time when the bear slashes her.

New Mutants #20
Illyana continues to protect Dani from the Demon Bear while the New Mutants
fight it.  She uses her soulsword to free Amara, Tom Corsi and Sharon
Friedlander from the bear's enchantment, and then to kill the bear.

New Mutants #21
Illyana participates in the slumber party, leading the other girls into
giving Rahne a makeover. When Warlock invades the X-Mansion, Illyana and
Lockheed attack. Illyana's armor slows the progress of the transmode virus,
and she escapes to Limbo. She returns after the fight is over, wearing
alien space armor (explained away in NM #63).  This issue contains the
Xavier's Journal entry for Illyana.

New Mutants #63
Placement: The large flashback in this issue occurs within NM #21.
In an issue-long flashback, Illyana tells Kitty story of her adventure that 
happened behind the scenes of NM #21.

Uncanny X-Men #188
Illyana helps most of the X-Men battle Dire Wraiths to save Forge, then
eavesdrops on Professor Xavier with Bobby and Rachel.

Uncanny X-Men #190
Placement: Around NM 20.  Refer against events in NM and then-current X-Men 
Manhattan has been transformed into a swords-and-sorcery town by Kulan Gath.
Illyana - unaware of her power due to Kulan Gath's spell - joins up with
Captain America and others to oppose the sorcerer.

Uncanny X-Men #191
Illyana's face is visible on the cover, in the background behind Piotr's leg.
Illyana is instrumental in freeing New York from Kulan Gath's grip.

Uncanny X-Men #192
Illyana (with Lockheed hidden in a travel bag) and other assorted X-People
welcome Kitty and Logan back from Japan.

X-Men and Alpha Flight LS #1
Illyana and Doug hang out in a malt shoppe.

New Mutants #24
Illyana uses her magic to try and free Rahne and 'Berto from the
Cloak & Dagger effect, with limited success.

New Mutants #25
Illyana teleports the team and assorted others to Limbo, where Xavier and
Rogue transfer the Cloak & Dagger powers back to their original hosts.

Sovereign Seven #3
Placement: Technically this should be in the continuity-free section, but
           we feel it deserves to be counted here.
Kitty, Illyana and Lockheed drop by Crossroads for some latte while studying.

New Mutants Annual #1
The New Mutants attend a Lila Cheney concert, then end up on her Dyson sphere.

Uncanny X-Men #194 (page 4)
Illyana sleeps in bed.

New Mutants #29
Sam & Illyana pursue the Bobby and Amara's kidnappers, and end up infiltrating
the Gladiators.

Secret Wars II #1 (pages 19 and 22)
Placement: Illyana shows up in a NM outfit, suddenly having hooked up with
           Maggie's raiding party, directly inconsistent with NM 29.
Illyana hangs from the wrecked car, then the Darkchilde is manifested by the
Beyonder; Illyana flees to Limbo, taking Kitty, Rachel, Cannonball and
Dazzler with her.

New Mutants #30
Illyana recovers from her Darkchilde manifestation during Secret Wars II #1,
then attempts to tackle the Beyonder while the New Mutants plus Rachel and
Kitty try to rescue the others from the Gladiators.

New Mutants #31
The New Mutants and friends bust up the Gladiators and rescue Kitty, Bobby
and Dazzler.

New Mutants #32
The New Mutants try to track down Karma, and when the going gets rough Illyana
escapes to Limbo with Dani. They get temporarily lost in time, and meet
Ashake, one of Ororo's ancestors, and later a future version of the NM
who have been corrupted by Karma. They eventually return to the present
and meet up with Ororo and Warlock.

New Mutants #33
Dani, Illyana, Ororo and Warlock free Rahne from Karma's influence, only to
be attacked by the other New Mutants. Illyana stows Warlock in Limbo and
watches Karma's triumph through a scrying pool. S'ym turns Warlock
against Illyana.

New Mutants #34
Illyana convinces Warlock she's not under Karma's power, then the two of
them cook up a plan to rescue the New Mutants from Karma, and do so.

New Mutants Special Edition #1
Ororo and the New Mutants vacation in Greece after recovering Karma. Loki
kidnaps Ororo, and the New Mutants get taken along as well and scattered around
Asgard. Illyana is enslaved by the Enchantress and sent to collect the souls of
her teammates. Doug & Warlock defeat her, and the team frees Illyana's real,
mortal body from the Enchantress's dungeon. They dump the Enchantress in Limbo
for safekeeping, then go after Loki.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #9
In Kitty's projection, she appears in a Generic Menacing Pose.
In Amara's flashback, Illyana talks with Doug.
Illyana memorizes the Enchantress' grimories, becoming more corrupted as she
does so.

Uncanny X-Men #200
The New Mutants and X-Men return to Earth.

New Mutants #35
Magneto takes over as headmaster, and trounces the New Mutants in a danger
room session. Later, the New Mutants watch Magneto scare off the jocks who
tried to rape Dani.

Secret Wars II #8 (cover and page 21)
Rachel sends the New Mutants to attack the Beyonder.

Uncanny X-Men #201
Illyana and most of the X-People watch Scott and Ororo's duel.

New Mutants #36
Illyana meets up with the Beyonder and he purges her evil half, with the
result that her soulsword transfers to Kitty. When Illyana tries to convince
the New Mutants to convert, a demon shows up and attempts to extract a
bloodstone from Kitty to add to Illyana's medallion. Illyana takes back the
soulsword and her evil side to rescue Kitty.

New Mutants #37
The Beyonder shows up to erase the NMs, and Magik offers her death to him in
the hope that he'll spare the others.

Secret Wars II #9 (pages 11, 21-25)
The Beyonder resurrects the New Mutants - with blank minds - and uses them to
hold off the assembled group of heroes long enough to test his baby machine.

New Mutants #38
Magneto tries to help the team recover from the Beyonder's attack, and
Illyana loses patience and sulks in Limbo.

New Mutants #39
The White Queen helps the New Mutants recover from the Beyonder's attack, and
also brainwashes them into becoming Hellions.

New Mutants #40
Magneto and Warlock travel to steal the New Mutants back from Emma Frost, but
are intercepted by the Avengers. Illyana intervenes, bringing the New Mutants
on the scene to rescue Maggie & Warlock, then teleports them away.  
The White Queen releases the team to Magneto.

New Mutants #43
The New Mutants regroup at the X-Mansion and discover what Empath did to Tom &
Sharon. They devise a plan to get revenge, which starts with Illyana
kidnapping Empath to Limbo and roughing him up a bit.

Web of Spiderman Annual #2
Warlock wakes up the New Mutants watching early-morning TV.  Illyana suggests
Warlock "get out and learn from *real* life!", and he of course does.

New Mutants #44
Jack Wayne/David Haller attacks Rahne & Moira on Muir Isle, and Rahne's
pain awakens Dani back at the X-Mansion. Dani barges into Illyana's room
looking for a quick trip to Muir Isle, and is attacked by Illyana and demons
before Illyana realizes it's Dani. The team 'ports to Muir, and tracks down

Spellbound #4
Placement: Sam, Illyana, Warlock appear. Lila has Guido as bodyguard.
           This issue was difficult to place.  We decided to put it here
           because it very roughly fits with NM continuity at this point.
Illyana, Sam & Warlock attend a Lila concert and get into a fight with
a Spellbinder. Illyana's soulsword appears whenever the creature is nearby.
Sam nixes her idea of 'porting the Spellbinder to Limbo to deal with on
the theory that it might become more powerful in Limbo.

New Mutants #45
The New Mutants attend a dance at a nearby school, and Illyana gets enough
attention from the local boys to make Kitty jealous. Later on, one of the boys
Kitty took a liking to commits suicide, and the team members deal with it in
their various ways.  The cover of this issue is a portrait of Illyana with
various charms in her hair.

New Mutants Annual #2
Placement: Placement of this issue is uncertain. It occurs before Betsy 
      joins the X-Men, after her blinding, after the NM encounter the 
      Beyonder, and before the Marauders business.
Mojo kidnaps Betsy Braddock, Sunspot, Rahne and others, and captures most of
the New Mutants.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #10
The New Mutants rescue the X-Men from Mojo.

Uncanny X-Men #210
Illyana talks with Piotr, visits Kitty with him, and 'ports all three to
Nightcrawler's rescue.

New Mutants #46
The X-Men and Morlocks get beat up, and Illyana 'ports to Muir Isle to get
Moira (out of the shower) to help with the medical treatments. Along the
way, Illyana creates some clothing for Moira, but it's tainted by the
increasing evil of Illyana's magic. Later, Illyana teleports Karma to her
apartment to check up on Leong & Nga, only to narrowly avoid a booby trap in
Xi'an's apartment. They meet up with the rest of the team, and Illyana 'ports
everyone out of an ambush by the Magus.

New Mutants #47
The New Mutants appear unconscious in Limbo, and demons haul Illyana off to
revive her. Bobby wakes and follows, thinking they will do her harm. After the
rest of the team is revived, Magus invades Limbo. Illyana teleports the team
away to a random location, which turns out to be ancient Scotland. They hide
out there until Magus leaves Limbo.

New Mutants #50
After accidentally scattering the New Mutants through time, Illyana fights a
war in Limbo against transmoded demons, turned against her by the now
techno-organic S'ym. In desperation, she plants her soulsword in the
ground, violently disrupting Limbo. She finds herself teleported to a trade
world near Shi'ar space, where she is caught and nearly sold as a slave.
Xavier and the Starjammers happen to be buying parts for the Starjammer, and
rescue her. With Xavier's help, Illyana recovers the New Mutants from the
various times they were dropped in. When they return to the Starjammer, they
find the planet under attack by the Magus.

New Mutants #51
While the New Mutants and Starjammers repair the Starjammer, Illyana hides out
in her cabin because she's afraid to go back to Limbo. Xavier has Karma posess
Illyana in order to return the New Mutants home safely; when released, Illyana
is understandably upset.

New Mutants #81
In a flashback story of Amara's, Illyana and the team see a Hercules movie
and are later awakened by Amara when Hercules shows up at the X-Mansion.

New Mutants Annual #3
Warlock gets into a competition with the Impossible Man, and the New Mutants
follow them around the world trying to control the damage.

New Mutants #52
Upset and bored with Magneto's danger room routines, Illyana does some demon
bashing in Limbo, and returns to her room when she thinks she's beaten S'ym.
Later, she takes Magneto to Limbo when he tries to offer help.

Fallen Angels LS #1
NOTE: Minor continuity problem.  The first issue of Fallen Angels occurs
      between NM #52 and NM #53, but in FA it's summertime and in NM #53 it's
The New Mutants, minus spectators Warlock and Rahne, play soccer.

Fallen Angels LS #2
Illyana mopes on the X-Mansion lawn with the others after Bobby and
Warlock run away.

New Mutants #53
The New Mutants attend a party at the Hellfire Club; Illyana has some fun
frightening Empath.

New Mutants #54
Illyana helps the team's competition with the Hellions by using a scrying 
pool to spy on the other team. Illyana later lifts one of Viper's guards
off the ground by his shirt, showing greater strength then she should posess.

New Mutants #55
The New Mutants are invited to one of Lila's parties, and Sam gets into trouble
with aliens. Illyana 'ports the team around trying to save him. She later
sticks the aliens in Limbo to get them out of the way.

New Mutants #56
Illyana teleports the team to apprehend Bird Boy, accidentally freed by Sam
in NM #55. They get into a fight with the Hellions, and Illyana steals some
fish to try and lure Bird Boy.

New Mutants #57
Bird Boy wreaks havok at the X-Mansion and Illyana does a lot of teleporting
around inside, moving people and food. She spends most of the issue acting
bratty, and causes some trouble herself.

Uncanny X-Men #225
Illyana 'ports Piotr to Dallas.

New Mutants #58
Illyana tries to study while Rahne & Doug try to talk to the Bird Boy. She
gets annoyed when they use her as part of a language lesson and 'ports away.
Later, she gets involved and has more success. She then accompanies the
team to follow Bird Boy when he escapes.

New Mutants #59 (Fall of the Mutants)
Illyana & the team get captured by the Ani-Mator.  She's drugged halfway
though, and remains that way for the rest of the issue. Bobby & Warlock 
return from Fallen Angels, and discover the team missing.

New Mutants #60 (Fall of the Mutants)
Illyana gets out of the gas chamber, and teleports back to the X-Mansion to
find Magneto.  When she doesn't, she rejoins the fight, wielding a baseball
bat. The Right captures the team.  Bird Boy and friends come to the rescue,
and in the resulting fight Doug gets shot. Some Right goons end up in Limbo,
and Bobby and Warlock return to the team. Illyana flies into a rage when
they find Doug dead, and decides to punish the Ani-Mator by shoving him into

New Mutants #61 (Fall of the Mutants)
Magik, still in a fit over Doug's death, throws the surviving Right soldiers
to her demons. Then she teleports the team back to the X-Mansion, only to
see the X-Men die in Dallas. Illyana gets into an argument with Magneto over
what's to be done, and starts to attack him with her soulsword. The team
decides to bypass Magneto and track down Colossus et al by themselves.

Marvel Age Annual #3 (page 34)
Placement: Approximately concurrent with #62.
The New Mutants mope.

New Mutants #62
While mourning Doug's death the team receives a letter from Amara, now at the
Massachusetts Academy.

New Mutants #63
Placement: This story can occur anytime after the end of #61 and before #64.
Kitty spots the alien space armor in Illyana's closet, and Illyana tells her
the story of her adventure that happened behind the scenes of NM #21.

New Mutants #64
Illyana watches Colossus's death over and over, and retreats to Limbo for
a while. The team attends Doug's funeral, and Warlock drops a hint that may
have been used as a partial excuse for the Douglock nonsense much later.
Illyana vows revenge on Forge for the death of her brother.

New Mutants #65
Illyana argues with Magneto over what's to be done about the X-Men's death,
then decides to do something herself. On the way, she visits Kitty, who is
recovering on Muir Isle. When she jaunts back to the X-Mansion for her
costume, the New Mutants jump her and they all end up getting changed in Limbo.
Magik and the team then tangle with Freedom Force, and Illyana picks a fight
with Forge.

New Mutants #66
Magik kidnaps Forge to Limbo so she can have a private fight with him over
her brother's death.

New Mutants Annual #4 (The Evolutionary War)
Amara is kidnapped by the High Evolutionary, and the New Mutants come to the

Power Pack #40
The New Mutants team up with Power Pack to find a young mutant who has been
kidnapped by the Boogyman. They discover that the Boogyman has been collecting
young mutants for sale to N'astirh.

Marvel Age Annual #4
Placement: After NM ~66, before Inferno.
Illyana's on the cover (an Art Adams mutant menage). In the Wolverine
story, Illyana and the New Mutants drop in on Wolverine's summation of the
X-Men's recent deaths.

Marvel Fanfare #55
Placement: Note in story puts this before PP 52 and NM 73. It's hard to
           place because of Warlock's presence and Illyana's behavior.
Warlock follows Illyana around New York as she thinks of her childhood; then
she requires Power Pack's help to defeat a two-bit demon.

Uncanny X-Men #230
The New Mutants attend a Christmas carol-ing competition, but Illyana isn't in
the mood.

Uncanny X-Men #231
Colossus looks at a portrait of Illyana; In Limbo, she casts a necromantic
spell to summon the "dead" Colossus to save the New Mutants from a Limbo demon
who has assumed the form of the the Russian fairy-witch Baba Yaga and captured
the New Mutants, intending to eat them.

New Mutants #67
Sam gets into trouble at one of Lila's concerts, and Illyana 'ports the team
to Limbo for a costume change and then to the rescue.

New Mutants #68
Illyana reassembles her scrying glass to track down Spyder's ship, only to
have it show her her future Darkchilde self. The team then joins Gosamyr in
her quest to save her family. Illyana sulks and/or mopes during the trip.

New Mutants #69
Warlock talks Illyana out of her brooding, and she tries to comfort Rahne.
The soulsword continues to corrupt the things it touches. Illyana finds
herself unable to change back from her Darkchilde form. The New Mutants
continue on the mission, and get trapped by Spyder.

New Mutants #70
The first signs of Inferno appead in New York, while the New Mutants make their
escape from Spyder. Illyana teleports the team to Limbo after losing Gosamyr's
family and Lila, and find that S'ym has finally taken over.

New Mutants #71 (Inferno)
The New Mutants and Gosamyr duke it out against S'ym's hordes in Limbo. S'ym
snatches the soulsword from Illyana.  She escapes with the team to Belasco's
old throne room, where she explains what happened to her in the Magik LS.
Later, they see S'ym chasing the young Illyana, in a scene retconned from the
LS.  Illyana meets N'astirh, and later completes her transformation into the
red, scaly Darkchilde.

Power Pack #42 (Inferno)
NOTE: Concurrent with NM #71.
Illyana appears in a flashback of N'astirh's as he converts the Boogyman, and
later her arrival from Limbo is shown from a different angle.

X-Terminators #4 (Inferno)
The New Mutants are seen appearing from Limbo as Inferno gets under way.

New Mutants #72 (Inferno)
Illyana finds herself a prize in the battle between S'ym and N'astirh. She
has a series of misadventures in the enchanted New York. Later, in a
confrontation with the now-transmoded N'astirh, she recovers her soulsword
and her armor, which now covers her entire body and face.

New Mutants #73 (Inferno)
Illyana returns to Limbo to claim the throne, while Colossus battles S'ym in
New York. Rahne gets the bright idea of finding the young Illyana and showing
her to the current Illyana. The Darkchilde bats her away and then transcends
her armor and becomes a flaming female demon. She then tries to kill her
younger self, but Rahne holds her off. The Darkchilde returns to New York and
disrupts the enchantment on the city, apparently dying in the process. 
Colossus rips open her crushed armor to find Illyana-2 inside.

NOTE: Even though Illyana has been returned to her childhood at this point,
she may not be the original young Illyana who fell into Limbo. Therefore the
timeline continues with Illyana in her new youth.

Excalibur #8 (Inferno wrap-up)
Illyana-2 chides Kitty for upsetting Rahne.  Dani recreates Illyana out
of Kitty's head, but Kitty doesn't want to delude herself.

New Mutants #74 (Inferno wrap-up)
The New Mutants help mop up the remaining demons in New York. Illyana-2 spends
most of the time riding on Rahne's back or being carried by her.

New Mutants #75
The team returns to the X-Mansion to find it destroyed. Illyana-2 hangs onto
Rahne while the New Mutants and then Sebastian Shaw fight with Magneto.

New Mutants #76
Illyana sleeps in Rahne's arms while the team finds a phone booth and tries
to decide what to do. The New Mutants and company get entangled with a sea
monster, and Illyana-2 sleeps through half the fight.

New Mutants #77
The New Mutants return Illyana-2 to her parents in Russia.  One wonders that
they aren't bothered by the sudden appearence of a bunch of wildly-dressed
teenagers who in all likelihood show up unnanounced, carrying the daughter
they haven't seen in something over a year.

X-Men #17
Piotr and the X-Men visit his family.

X-Men #18
Russian government goons kill the elder Rasputins and kidnap Illyana-2,
planning to artificially age her back to adolescence and use her to eliminate
the Soul Skinner.

X-Men #19
Illyana-2 is placed in a genetic accelerator; nothing comes of it.  The Soul
Skinner is executed.

X-Men #20
Illyana-2 catches a flu^H^H^H the Legacy virus.

Uncanny X-Men #299
Illyana-2 gives Piotr a present and falls asleep in his arms.

Uncanny X-Men #302
Illyana-2's flu^H^H^H Legacy infection worsens.

Uncanny X-Men #303
Illyana-2's condition worsens.  Jubilee watches a video sequence showing
Illyana at various times, including several impossible scenes. Illyana-2

New X-Men #32
Illyana-2 is mentioned in a eulogy for dead students of Xavier's.

NOTE: After a long hiatus, a new Magik returns to the X-Books. We'll
refer to her as Magik 2 since she claims to be a duplicate created by
Belasco, and Warlock also stated that she is a different version than
the original Magik.

New Mutants v.3 #9
The newly returned Warlock refers to Magik 2 as "v2.0", leading Emma
Frost to question her about her identity. She claims to be a duplicate
magically constructed by Belasco, having the memories and abilities of
the orignal Magik but not her soul. She also reveals that during her
absence in recent issues she had explored many alternate future
timelines for her own purposes, but returned after determining that
the defeat of Legion was necessary and required her help.

Nation X LS #2
Magik 2 is seen dining in the Utopia cafeteria with the other New

[end of main Marvel Universe timeline]

=== [2] Flashbacks, Photographs, and Other Miscellaney ======================

  [ 1: Flashbacks ]

Cable #14 (pages 6 and 7)
Three flashbacks, one presumably from the Magik LS, one time indeterminate,
one from Inferno before NM 72.

Excalibur #84
Xavier reviews a video recording of Illyana-2 towards the end of her Legacy
plot device infection.

Excalibur #92
Piotr has a flashback in which he sees Illyana-2.

Excalibur #107 (pages 8 and 10)
Piotr has a retconned origin flashback; Rahne's flashback includes a NM
team shot.

Beast #1 (page 15)
Xi'an has a retconned origin flashback, including her time with the New

X-Force #95
Magik appears with the other NMs in Magneto's flashback.

X-Men Unlimited #14
The first story features Peter looking at commemorative statues of
himself and Illyana while flashing back to his attempt to help her
deal with her feelings about the Morlock Massacre. Illyana also
appears briefly in the second story in a flashback to their farm days.

X-Men Unlimited #36
Illyana pillow-fights with Kitty in a Polaroid flashback.

X-Men Unlimited #43
Magik appears in assorted team portraits and flashbacks.

X-Men: Colossus: Bloodline LS #2
Magik as Darkchilde is mentioned and appears in a one-panel

X-Men: Liberators LS #1
The usual Colossus origin story scene.

  [ 2: Alternate Realities ]

Excalibur #23
An alternate Illyana lures Excalibur (minus Kitty) out of the Crosstime
Caper on the orders of an alternate Kitty.

What If? #6 (page 7, panel 1) (... the X-Men Had Lost Inferno)
In a flashback, Illyana hurls the soulsword into Limbo to close the dimensional

What If... #9 (... the X-Men Died on Their First Mission?)
Piotr saves Illyana from the tractor in a flashback.

What If? #12 (... the X-Men Had Stayed in Asgard?)
Illyana takes the place of the Enchantress and works to aid her friends in

What If? #33 (page 7, panel 4) (... Phoenix Rose Again?)
Illyana is on the couch when Phoenix returns with Rachel.

What If? #79 (page 18) (... Storm Had the Power of Phoenix?)
Illyana and others attempt to halt the attack on Ororo-Phoenix.

Generation Next #1 (AOA)
Illyana's hologram is displayed while Know-It-All searches for
latent time-travellers.

Generation Next #2 (AOA)
Illyana teaches a new captive how to survive the slave pits.

Generation Next #3 (AOA)
Illyana works in the pits and is rescued by Mondo.

Generation Next #4 (AOA)
Illyana escapes the slave pits.

X-Force Annual #1
A strange alter-Illyana works with X-Force.

Exiles #20
An alternate-universe Peter is shown visiting the grave of a 12-year-old
Illyana who died of the Legacy virus. She also appears in a flashback
along with the rest of the New Mutants of that world.

Exiles #25 or 26
Magik joins the Exiles team as a replacement for Blink as team
teleporter. It is not clear what reality this Magik is from, given
that the Exiles are a crosstime team.

Exiles #41
Illyana is mentioned indirectly (not by name) in the origin story of
one of the alternate-universe characters.

Exiles #55-57
An alternate Illyana helps the Exiles overthrow a demonic overlord in
this sword and sorcery arc. This one has a Soulsword similar in
properties to the main one, but it's not known if she can teleport.
In the last panel she appears in, her neck is bitten by a vampiric
creature called Morbius but it's not clear what happens to her after that.

What If v.2 #77
Illyana and Peter are visible on a magazine cover.

X-Men Unlimited #29
Piotr and young Illyana are returning from a day out in NYC; the train
crashes; some die; afterwards Piotr blames himself for thinking only
of saving his sister.  Wolvie has to knock some sense into him.

X-Men Unlimited #37
An alternate-universe Magik strikes a deal with Mephisto to rescue her
son, trapped between dimensions, and meets up with our Kitty as a result.

X-Men Forever #11
Young Illyana is seen returning to her home in Russia, apparently from school
(they have yellow school buses there?), and is apparently abducted by someone
in a large black car.

  [ 3: Parodies ]

What The..?! #1
Illyana appears as a freckled, fanged, elf-eared little girl with her
eyes hidden behind her hair.

What The..?! #3
Illyana angsts, and gets a dog inducted into the X-Men.

What The..?! #4 (cover, page 1, page 3, panel 3)
Illyana and the other Mutie Wanna-Bes discover Non-Entity (Doug) is dead.

  [ 4: Covers ]

Marvel Age #16
The cover of Marvel Age 16 is the Sienkiewicz NM team pose from the
advertisements used at the time.

Marvel Age #48
A team shot of the New Mutants (and the Fallen Angels, X-Men, and the 

X-Men Unlimited #43
A Bill Sienkiewicz team shot on the cover.

Exiles #26
A fairly nice pinup of an adult Magik. Giant calf muscles though.

Marvel Fanfare #38
Full-page portrait on the inside back cover.

Exiles #63
The Exiles version of Illyana appears encased along with other

  [ 5: Pinups and Sketches ]

Demon Bear Saga TPB
A few pages of new Sienkiewicz NM artwork are the first and last pages in the
TPB.  There are two shots of Illyana: one is half Illyana, half Darkchilde; the
other is a facial shot.

New Mutants Annual #5
Illyana appears in a full-page pinup of former New Mutants.

New Mutants Annual #6
Magik appears in a 2-page spread depicting a possible future New Mutants team.

Marvel Fanfare #45 (back cover, pages 22-24)
Illyana appears four times in the pinup issue of Marvel Fanfare: on the back
cover in a character gallery by Al Milgrom, on pages 22-23 by Terry Shoemaker
and on page 24 in what appears to be an alternate cover for NM 20 or so by

Marvel Fanfare #38 also has a pinup.

  [ 6: Photographs and Holograms ]

Excalibur #68 (page 5)
Kitty mopes while holding a snapshot of herself, Illyana and Piotr having
a whipped-cream fight while Logan looks on.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #15
Illyana and the rest of the New Mutants appear in a hologram shown to Mojo,
who is producing an X-Men Origin Movie.  (since Warlock, Doug, and Xi'an are 
not present in the picture, this is possibly before New Mutants 21)

Uncanny X-Men #213
Psylocke looks at a picture of herself and the New Mutants from the time of
New Mutants Annual 2.

Uncanny X-Men #253
Moira, arguing with Magneto, gestures at a team shot of Xavier and the New
Mutants.  (Warlock, Amara and Shan are missing from the picture, and it appears
Bobby is holding Xavier's arm, although part of the picture is blocked by
another picture).

X-Terminators #3 (Inferno)
The New Mutants are seen in a monochrome image projected by N'Astirh.

Uncanny X-Men #373
Colossus displays a very nice painting of Illyana at an amateur
art exhibition.

  [ 7: Everything Else ]

Marvel Team-Up #149
Illyana's face appears in a thought of Sam's, while he shops for hats.

Uncanny X-Men #197
Piotr has a nightmare in which he blames himself for Illyana's
transformation into a demon sorceress.

Excalibur Annual #2
Kitty checks some of Doug's disks, on which he was keeping a diary of sorts.
There is a flashback that is from NM 35 or so if the flashback is meant to
represent the text.

New Mutants Annual #7
Illyana's face appears on a chart/timeline indicating the time each
character spent with the New Mutants.

Stryfe's Stryke File (page 16, back cover)
Xavier reads Stryfe's file on Illyana.

Uncanny X-Men #304
Piotr plans to burn a painting of Illyana-2.

Wolverine #75
A winged "angel" Illyana pushes Logan back from the light.

X-Men Adventures Season II #4
The comic adaptation of the XTAS episode; Illyana doesn't really do anything
much other than hang around Piotr.

Uncanny X-Men #374
Mike Rasputin has a picture of Illyana, and conjures an animated 
likeness of her.

X-Men: Black Sun #1 to ?
A new Magik appears in this mini-series, but it isn't the same person.

Marvel Riot #1
This is an AoA parody, and as such Illyana plays a bit part. Her name
is misspelt "Ilyanna" though.

Marvel Age #71 and #87
Promotional material

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7: Magik is mentioned briefly in a

  [ 8: Out of Continuity ]

ROM Annual #3
The New Mutants (apparently pre-Demon Bear, yet without Dani) visit Sam's
family and get in a fight with Hybrid.  Illyana saves the day.
- This issue is in the continuity-free section because of the below
  contradictions. Because of the team composition, this story can only
  take place immediately before of immediately after the Demon Bear arc.
  1) Hybrid reads Illyana's mind. Wrong.
  2) Illyana's hair is different than in the surrounding stories.
  3) The surrounding stories are set in the winter. The ROM story is not.

Marvel Super Heroes Spring Special #1 (1990)
Illyana removes an immortality spell Belasco placed on a previous disciple of
his, who is promptly killed.

The New Mutants LS #1 to #3
On a dare, Magik teleports the NMs into the future where they meet
their future X-Force selves and Magik learns she has died. Meanwhile,
Mike Rasputin shows up with a scheme to use Illyana to cure himself of
the Legacy virus, but ends up infecting her instead. 
- This LS is in the out-of-continuity section because there are too many 
  continuity errors and general impossibilities for it to be allowed to 
  live in the mainstream MU. For starters:
  1) Magik gets infected with Legacy. That's just not on. She could
     easily cure herself of it, and probably would have even by
     accident on one of the later occasions she was struck with her
     own sword.
  2) Future-Karma mindwipes Magik and Warlock. Can't be done. Chuck
     had to boost Karma to enable to possess Magik, and Farouk using
     Karma was unable to do it. Plus, Karma has never been able to 
     affect memory. On top of that, no human can understand Warlock's
     thoughts let alone change his memories.
  3) Douglock utters blasphemy about his identity. Admittedly he was
     confused about the matter at the time, but this is really bad.

=== [3] Miscellaneous Notes and Official Reference Sources ==================

OHOTMUDE #7 (cover, pages 58-59)
Illyana's personal entry.

The NM team entry.

Wolverine Encyclopedia (page 49)
Illyana's personal entry.

=== [4] Issues to be Placed =================================================

 - That AOA one-shot; wasn't it "X-Men: Omega"?

 - One of those Marvel Age back-page calendars had Chuck and the New
   Mutants.  I saw this.  I held it in my hands.  And I made a mental
   note to add it to this timeline...but I'll be damned if I can find
   it now.  Does anyone remember which issue I'm looking for?

 - The unconfirmed appearance (hand and sword) at the end of an X-Men 
   Unlimited issue. Need to find the issue number.

=== [5] Unconfirmed Appearances ======================================

UXM #254 (page 20)
Someone who resembles Illyana appears in Destiny's crystal vision.

UXM #177 
Is Illyana in the background, headed for the change room?

Marvel Age Annual #1 (I don't know; I can't find a copy of this...)

"Wizard: X-Men Turn Thirty" may have something, as may the "X-Men Anniversary
Magazine"; however, I have information on neither of these publications.

Also, the numerous Claremont et al. interviews may have something.

Mako reports that Illyana made an appearance as an apparation in an
issue of X-Treme X-Men around May 2003. 

Cable #20 (page 19)
Some badly drawn faces-in-the-sky. One might be Illyana.

=== [6] Verification / More Info Needed ==============================

X-Treme X-Men #25, 27

What If v.2 #1

X-Men Unlimited #37

Blink LS #3

Amazing X-Men #4

=== [7] Other Media and Miscellaneous ================================

In the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, there is a
scene where one of the characters is lying on the floor reading scattered 
comics. One of them is New Mutants #72, which has the Darkchilde fighting
N'astirh on the cover.

=== [ end of (time)line ] ===================================================

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