[a photo of Mike in a hat]

Mike Babulic

home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Welcome to my internet "vanity plate".

As you've probably noticed, I live, work and play in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since 1991, a large part of that play has been running with the Calgary Hash House Harriers.

I'm also active in the Calgary Unix Users Group, where this page is hosted. It helps satisfy my geekly urges


I retired after working for 32 years at the City of Calgary. From time to time, I also do freelance consulting and programming. I'm always interested in new opportunities.

Useful Stuff

Here are some things that I've done, which other people may find useful.

Phoning Home with Free Software

Notes from a presentation that I gave to the Calgary Unix Users Group on remote controlling a distant computer over the internet.

BSDwall Mirror

The purpose of the BSDwall project is to make it easy for people of minimal technical ability (and, minimal hardware) to set up a useful firewall for a home or small business, using the *BSD Free Software operating systems. Here is a mirror of the site, just in case the BSDwall server goes down.

Spam Prevention

I've written some javascript to hide my email address from spam spiders, yet still keep it visible on my web site. You're welcome to use it, copy it, whatever.

Email Administration Tools

  1. mailtrim is a perl script that removes old emails from the named unix mailbox file. Use at your own risk!

Webmaster Tools

  1. nodoze is a perl script that prepares websites built using Microsoft Windows for unix servers
  2. datestamp is a perl script that puts the date of a file's last update between the tags <datestamp>...</datestamp>


Jan 24, 2006 - Here are some photos from CUUG's 2006 open house. My excuse for the small number this year is that I was too busy participating to document the event. That's my story anyway...

Feb 23, 2005 - Here are some photos from CUUG's 2005 open house. There are only about a dozen, unlabeled pictures, because I forgot to take my camera out until people had already started to pack up their displays.

May 22, 2004 - Registrations are confirmed, fights are booked, rooms are reserved... I'm all set for Interhash 2004 this summer, in Cardiff, Wales. I plan to visit friends in Delft, do the Canal Hash in Amsterdam and then travel with the Hague hash to Cardiff. I am looking forward to seeing former Canadian hashers Beaver, Butthead and Cumming Numb as well as many other friends and acquaintances. I'm voting for Edmonton in 2006. After Cardiff, I will visit my old friend Ralf in Berlin for a few days; then it's back to Calgary for a rest!

October 1, 2003 - Finally replaced the picture I've had on my site since 1995. The old picture was taken when I was in my early 30's in Yoho National Park, on the Iceline Trail, one of my favorite hikes. The new photo was taken Christmas day 2002, when I was 44 years old. I have hair under that hat, it's just a lot greyer. I grew a beard the previous the summer, but shaved it off in the fall, partly because my sweetie thought it was scratchy.

February 20, 1999 - Apparently it takes me only 6 months to add new content to my personal site. I must be too busy updating the Hash House Harriers' site and building websites for others

July 13, 1998 - Well the big "four-oh" has come & gone... I'm now officially middle aged. It's kinda weird, but hitting 25 was more traumatic