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June General Meeting

The 2013 Flood for Engineers

Speaker: Roy Brander, Senior Infrastructure Engineer for Water Resources, The City of Calgary

Media stories about engineering problems are simplified down to the eight-second sound bite. For those of a more technical bent, here's the 2013 flood story with maps and numbers.

Thrill to the actual Glenmore hydrograph readings - and how they show it could have been worse. Much worse. Compare the 1986 100-year flood map to what was actually flooded - and what wasn't. Lavishly illustrated.

Roy Brander is a CUUG Life Member. He has given a number of presentations on a wide variety of subjects, including the BSDWall project, the MEPIS Linux distribution, the Titanic, management of Calgary's water mains, and the ASUS Eee PC and Moore's Law. Roy will soon be retiring (at far too young an age) from his day job as the Senior Infrastructure Engineer for Water Resources, The City of Calgary, so this could be your last chance to take in one of his presentations.

The City of Calgary - Water Centre

Bow River Room 2
625 - 25 Ave. S.E.
(25th Avenue S.E. and Spiller Road S.E.)
(link to location on Google Maps)
(link to parking information)

5:30 PM, Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Snacks at 17:30. CUUG Annual General Meeting begins at 18:00. Presentation begins immediately after AGM.

Free admission for the general public.

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