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April General Meeting

General Discussion: Items in the News

What interesting UNIX-related items have you come across in the news recently? Our April general meeting will be an informal round-table (okay, technically more hexagon- or octagon-table) discussion of items our members and guests have come across. Here are a few ideas to get things started (we may or may not get to all of these):

  1. BASH on Ubuntu on Windows. Is this reason to rejoice, or is it an Admiral Ackbar situation?
  2. Drones. Lots of challenges to air safety and privacy, with a lack of certain regulation in most jurisdictions.
  3. Lack of basic security standards in many corporations, from the number of cases of breaches and other failures. This really appears to be getting worse, not better.
  4. Lack of basic privacy in standard Business-to-Individual (B2I) interactions, especially on the World Wide Web. Seems every company wants to get to know as much about people as possible, to the point of refusing to deal with them if they try to maintain the personal privacy that used to be standard. They all want to slurp up that data and either use it themselves and/or sell it, often with no certainty what they're doing is worth it.
  5. Advertising online. The old line was "I know half the money we spend on advertising is wasted, but we just don't know which half." Now many websites and people are deriving income from ads and major companies running massive ad networks. But the new advertising is rife with click-fraud and other corruption. And people are fed up with crap ads and even ad-network delivered malware. The old line is all new again. Something's going to give.
  6. Intelligence Big Data. The governments and large corporations have also bought into hoovering up as much as possible, with apparently no indication of whether all this massive unfocused data is even doing any real good. Be seeing you.
  7. The Internet of Things. Soon to be the Internet of Spying and Hacked Things.

Tillyard Conference Centre

715 - 5 Ave. S.W.

5:30 PM, Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snacks at 17:30. Meeting begins at 18:00.

Building doors are locked at 18:00, so please try to arrive early.

There is $2 parking after 16:00 across the street in the underground parkade (McDougall Centre).

Non CUUG members remain welcome but now must RSVP to office at CUUG no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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