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March General Meeting

Thwarting Return Oriented Programming (ROP) Attacks

Speaker: Theo de Raadt, Founder, OpenBSD

In the last two decade various mitigations became popular and the classic "upload code onto stack" buffer overflow attack methods became unreliable or infeasible. These methods were replaced by Return Oriented Programming (ROP).

An ROP attacker gains control of the call stack to hijack program control flow and then executes carefully chosen machine instruction sequences that are already present in the machine's memory, called "gadgets". Each gadget typically ends in a return instruction and is located in a subroutine within the existing program and/or shared library code.

Chained together, these gadgets allow an attacker to perform arbitrary operations on a machine employing defences that thwart simpler attacks.

Some OpenBSD developers are working on a variety of schemes which will thwart ROP by disrupting the foundations it requires.

Please use Google ahead of this talk to lightly familiarize yourselves with "ROP" and "gadgets", and get ready for a low-level deep dive.

Theo de Raadt is widely recognized as a world class security expert. In October 1995, Theo founded the OpenBSD project. OpenBSD is the most secure of the publicly available operating systems.

In 1999, Theo created OpenSSH with other members of OpenBSD. It is now incorporated into all Unix systems plus hundreds of other network enabled products. It has become the most "vendor re-used" piece of open source software, with more than 95% of the SSH market.

Theo was awarded the Free Software Foundation's 2004 Award for the Advancement of Free Software, for recognition as founder and project leader of the OpenBSD and OpenSSH projects. His work has also led to significant contributions to other BSD distributions and GNU/Linux. Of particular note is Theo's work on OpenSSH, his leadership of OpenBSD, his commitment to Free Software and his advancement of network security.

Theo is also well known for his advocacy of free software drivers. He has long been critical of developers of Linux and other free platforms for their tolerance of non-free drivers and acceptance of non-disclosure agreements.

Central Library

616 Macleod Trail S.E.
Basement meeting room

5:30 PM, Tuesday, March 27, 2017

Snacks at 17:30. Meeting begins at 18:00.

Attendance is free for CUUG members, or $10 (cash only) at the door for non-CUUG members.

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