Talk for the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers: The Internet

Speaking Notes and Graphic Overheads

References, Credits, Further Reading

The aforementioned article by Bruce Sterling.

I don't know where Dr. Grant Walker got his data on Steam Engine History from. The spreadsheet available for download from this Web document gives the full names of all the engines, presumably they can be looked up.

The Scientific American is the February, 1995 issue, page 90, title: "Toward Point One", by Gary Stix.

The Internet growth history is at the Project Gutenberg site run by Dr. Hart. It has been expanded in his 1995 version "A Short History of the Internet" .
I also saved an earlier article with overlapping content, "The Internet FAQ" which he no longer publishes at the Gutenberg site.

The Economist article is from the July 1st, 1995 issue, page 51, title "The Accidental Superhighway".