Arctic Antics

by Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar and Jeff Dewar

The big coyote ran swiftly across the ice. Suddenly Polly Polar Bear came after the coyote, who ran as fast as he could. At that point Molly Mouse ran in front of Polly. She was so startled she fell over and then ...

... crashed through the ice into the cold Arctic water below. Freddy Fish was frightened, but swam as fast as he could to get away. Unfortunately, in his panic, he swam right into Polly's mouth!

In the nick of time, before Polly could swallow Freddy, Sammy Seal bumped hard into Polly's neck, and out popped Freddy from Polly's open mouth. But Freddy's troubles were not over.

His lake had been designated as a nuclear testing ground! Worse, the Robo-Simmons were invading! What could be done to stop these menaces? Everyone prepared for the upcoming Deus Ex Machina.

The Deus Ex Machina came in the form of Kelly Coyote crashing into a tree. The tree, being frail due to moving to the Arctic, crushed all of the Robo-Simmons. The Robo-Simmons kept trying to 'dance,' utterly obliterating the tree, themselves, and the nuclear waste! The Alliteration Animals were saved, but never figured out how.

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