Joe and Bobo and the Big Storm

by Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Bob Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

"Look," said Bobo, "it's starting to rain! That almost never happens here in the desert!" But Joe was asleep and didn't really hear what Bobo was saying.

Bobo didn't know it at the time, but it was not actually raining. Joe woke up. Joe turned around to find out what Bobo was looking at.

"What is that!?" yelled Joe, "Bobo, don't go outside!"
"Why?" asked Bobo.
"Don't you know what that is?"

This is an attack of the aliens. They make it look like rain, then they turn off the sun and start an earthquake. "Head for the hills and hide in a cave," shouted Bobo.

"No need for that," came a powerful voice from the bathtub drain. "I've been hiding here for thirty-two years, awaiting this opportunity. I've always known that this day would come. My ancestors from the planet Bathtub Save sent me here when I attained my adult powers, to wait, dormant, in this drain. The time has come for me to fulfill the old prophecies with my special power ring... Oh, no! The ring has been rusted from all those years in the drain. No hope now."

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