Mr. Billy and Mr. Whammo

by Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar, David Dewar and Bob Dewar

Mr. Billy was having a good day for once. That is, until Mr. Whammo appeared. "Oh no, he's gonna be mean to me!" thought Mr. Billy, not realizing the strangeness of how Mr. Whammo got there...

"Hello, young human," said Mr. Whammo. "Could you direct me to the nearest telephonic communication receptacle? I seem to have fallen through your skylight while I was walking over your roof, and I need to let someone know that I'll be late."

"Wait a minute," thought Mr. Billy. "Mr. Whammo doesn't usually talk like a Conehead, I'll check it out -- oh noooo!!!"

In fact he was talking in code called "Pig Latin" which is a combination of Latin and pig grunts. Because of this miscommunication, Mr. Whammo never did find out who killed the mockingbird, or was it the bluebird?

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