Baby Dodd and the Real Live Tiger

by Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar and Alan Dewar

Billy was astounded. He had only arrived about three minutes late, and Baby Dodd had already made a mess of everything. "Noooo!" he cried out, as Dodd reached for what he believed to be a toy.

But what looked like a toy tiger was actually a real live tiger kit. That nasty kitten then began to scratch Dodd and everyone else in sight. Billy called the animal control people who refused to capture the wee tiger. Eventually the kitty was captured. But then something weird happened.

The tiger kit developed into a full-grown tiger -- and he was mighty mean-looking. Dodd took one look at him and yelled blue murder -- so loud that the pilot of a police helicopter heard him and decided to come to his rescue. He landed on the roof of Dodd's house, which seemed like a good thing, but...

unfortunately, the roof was not built to support a helipad, so this only resulted in more messy destruction. Fortunately, though in no position to help any more, the pilot was unharmed. Dodd, meanwhile, had something that bore a passing resemblance to a plan, if one were to squint at it out of the corner of one's eye. Ignoring Billy's warning of "Nooooo!!" Dodd approached the fast-aging tiger...

"Woof!" exclaimed Dodd, in his best imitation of an angry pit bull. However, Dodd being Dodd, this came out as the most incongruous thing the tiger had ever perceived. The idea of a cute, wide-eyed infant acting like a pit bull soon had the tiger rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically. In fact, he laughed so hard that the animal control people mistook him for a hyena and hauled him off to the local zoo, thereby neatly solving the problem.

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