Freddy's First Fandom Fright

by Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and Bob Dewar

Freddy was frantic. He had never been to an animé convention before, and he wanted to make a good impression on his heroes, Sailor Moon and Pikachu. (Poor Freddy had difficulty separating fiction from reality.) When he walked into the convention, he was overwhelmed.

"Good Lord!" cried Freddy upon seeing the group of fat males dressed as Sailor Scouts. "I knew she'd be less attractive in person, but this is... gah!" Averting his gaze (so as to keep from vomiting), Freddy's eye is caught by a certain other cosplayer.

"Oh my gosh," Freddie exclaimed, "what could cause him to mingle with such as us? When his kind decide to pay a visit, something must be going on!"
Terrified, Freddy inched away from the well-known villain, only to encounter a well-known character from the Internet.

It was none other than the laughing baby from YouTube -- and he had his crinkling paper with him. The only problem was that Laughing Baby's never-ending sounds were drowning out the soft voice of the Guest Speaker.

At that point, the Guest Speaker (Mr. Spock's daughter, Sprocket) gave a loud burp to grab the attention of the crowd. However, that backfired, as laughing baby just laughed harder to the point that he had a seizure and had to be rushed to the Alberta Children's Hospital -- where he made a full recovery in only 2 months.

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