God Bless Us, Every Alien, a Racenth Holiday Tale

by Cindy Fleming, Mary Lou Dewar, Kristina Brown, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, David Dewar and Jeff Dewar

Little white snowflakes fall gently to the curbside. Excited youngsters gleefully capture snowflakes on the tips of their tongues. Winter has truly arrived.

"But why are these snowflakes yellow?" asked Tiny Tim.
"It's because...

dogs peed on them... That's why my mom tells me not to eat the yellow snow!" said Jimmy.
"Well, why is this snow purple, then?" asked Tiny Tim.

alien dogs peed there, of course," replied Jimmy. It was surprising how naive younger kids could be. "Let's go see if we can find the aliens, and take them to school for show and tell."

After a lengthy search, they found 4 of them, 2 yellow and 2 purple. "That explains the coloured snow," said Jimmy to Tiny T.
"Oh, no way!" cried Tim. "They are coloured like that because...

of a strange radioactivity-related disease! Gee, this one even has documentation certifying her as a purebred French Poodle. Of course, France is very much on Earth."
"Yes, well, by 'alien' I actually meant...

...outside our home country of Africa!"
"Africa?? Winter in Africa, in December?? Besides, this is Canada!"
"Yeah? Dang. Well, my name's not really Jimmy, it's Kharzinth, from planet Racenth, orbiting Beetlejus. Since you've found me out, you must now be assimilated. Then I have to treat my 'dogs' for radiation. Farewell." That's how Tiny Tim became Kharzinth's newest pet.

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