The Great Escape

by Alan Dewar, David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar and Jeff Dewar

"So, you thought you could escape, did you? Ha! Not a chance!" The evil Lord Snorky grinned a hideous grin as he glared down at us on the beach. We had come so close, only to be stopped now, by such a trivial thing...

"I told you that clam was him in disguise," said Kenny.
"Yes, but you were wrong," I pointed out. "It was actually the seashell with a snorkle that you decided to take instead, I know you were just being careful, but--"
"I'm sorry, but there were just so many factors influencing my decision. Now as for the rest of you... >:)"

While he was gloating over his triumph, the remaining victims-to-be had tunnelled right under him and across a bridge, which they then destroyed. "Safe at last," shouted Hiram. "But wait -- what's that..."

It was a yellow submarine with no periscope. And it was sitting on top of a big whale named Moby Richard. Hiram then called the Ocean Patrol who arrived 12 minutes later to shoo the whale away. All aboard the submarine survived the ordeal.

Just then the whale surfaced and pulled poor Snorkey under; Snorkey would never think of water the same way again. As for the captives, they ran while Snorkey was submerged.

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