The Moving Rug

by Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar and David Dewar

It was 5:27 A.M. and something woke me up. But what was it? I turned on the lamp beside my bed, looked round the room, and wondered. Nothing seemed out of place .... until I glanced at the floor and saw my bedside rug moving.

At first it moved slowly, but then it sped up. It seems that my pet bunny Alfred was under the rug. Alfred then burped and the rug fell off him. At that point I was very relieved.

But then my window fogged up, just all of a sudden. That wasn't Alfred's fault. Nor was it the fault of Freddy, Jimmy, or Joe. Now I was really tense.

In jumped a naked monkey -- right through the window! Apparently, Alfred and the monkey had been playing hide and seek, and the monkey had spotted Alfred when he emerged from under the rug. If it had been any animal other than a monkey that had come in my window, I would have been fine, but my unfortunate experience in Namibia several years earlier had left me with a deadly phobia of all lower primates.

I felt myself hyperventilating. I bolted for the stairs; I tripped! I desperately hoped this was a nightmare. No such luck. Oh well, my life was nice while it lasted......
The End

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