The Ultimate End

by Mary Lou Dewar, Doug Dewar, Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar and David Dewar

"Now, why on earth did I drive home this way?" thought Isaac. "There are always so many weird people in the middle of the road, and I never know whether to drive around them or sit on the horn until they move. Oh-oh -- there's a giant of a guy coming right at me...."

"Holy crap, it's Curtly Ambrose, the Giant Antiguan, famed fast bowler of the West Indies cricket team!" thought Isaac, rapidly entering a febrile state of mind. "Maybe I'll have to sweep the leg like that Ralph Muchacho kid did in the Karate Kid."

But it turned out not to be Curtly after all -- it was his BIG sister. And she was one mean lady. So mean that she kicked the car tire so hard it went flat.

"Uh-oh," thought Isaac, just as Judy Ambrose reached out to strangle him. "Now I'm gonna get it."

He frantically rolled up his window, and stepped on the gas. Unfortunately, he was too hasty, and he flooded the engine. In a desperate bid to escape from the deranged Judy Ambrose, he leapt across the seat and through the passenger-side window, which turned out to be a rather painful experience, as the window was closed at the time.

"Well, if I'm lucky, this is just a dream, but if not I sure hope I've been good," he thought. Just then he discovered that there is no afterlife.

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