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Cultural References

This section lists Kraftwerk references that do not belong in the other sections of my web site. At the bottom are links to other site of interest to Kraftwerk fans.

Other-Media References

These are instances in which Kraftwerk was mentioned in a book, magazine, movie, television show, etc.


Stated Influences

These are instances where other artists have explicitly stated that they were influenced by Kraftwerk, or have mentioned Kraftwerk in some other kind of statement. Most of these are from album liner notes.

ARTIST: Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force
ALBUM: Don't Stop... Planet Rock 2000
DATE: 1982
Kraftwerk is mentioned in the Special Thanks section of the CD booklet.

According to Rob Holman, this group was originally started as a sort of Kraftwerk spoof. Apparently the cover of their album Freedon of Choice is a reference to the cover of The Man Machine.

ARTIST: Duran Duran
There was a rumor that Duran Duran was intended to be something between Chic and Kraftwerk. Luca Dassi sent me this quote from an interview with Nick Rhodes, who said it should have been more between Chic and the Sex Pistols: "What we did was take that ethic together with the electronic music of Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, and all that disco stuff as well, and mixed it in with glamrock."

ARTIST: John Foxx (soloist, founder of Ultravox)
Luca Dassi tells me that John Fox has mentioned Kraftwerk as an influence several times, including at least twice in the liner notes of his compilation Assembly.

ARTIST: Gary Kemp (of Spandau Ballet)
Gary named The Model as one of his three all-time favorite songs when he appeared on M-80 radio on June 22, 2001.
THANKS TO: Der Automat.

The Swedish band Kent have at some point said that they were influenced by Kraftwerk, and have made a song titled Musik Non Stop.

ARTIST: Komeda
ALBUM: The Genius of Komeda
The back cover of this album is a sort of tribute to the front cover of Computer World.

ARTIST: The Network
Apparently this band has claimed a Kraftwerk influence.
THANKS TO: Ted Janik.

ARTIST: William Orbit
The announcement for his new album Hello Waveforms at the Sanctuary Records website mentioned Kraftwerk as an influence on Orbit.

ARTIST: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
ALBUM: Organisation
According to Rob Holman, this album was named after the original band name of Kraftwerk.

ARTIST: The Peatbog Faeries
ALBUM: Croftwork
Not a confirmed tribute or influence, but this seemed the best place to list it. There is a title track and another called Trans Island Express.
THANKS TO: Ian Tyson.

It is rumored that member Pascal Languirand once said in an interview that the name Trans-X was inspired by Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express.

ARTIST: Westbam
ALBUM: We'll Never Stop Living This Way
DATE: 1999
The liner notes of this album say that Kraftwerk are the only white rhythm group to influence black music.

ALBUM: Artificial Intelligence (v/a compilation)
DATE: 1993
NOTE: There is nothing on this album that sounds much like Kraftwerk, but in the liner notes, UP! (Richie Hawtin) and Dr. Alex Paterson include Kraftwerk in their lists of influences. UP!, Musicology, The Dice Man and Dr. Alex Paterson all list a Kraftwerk track in their personal "top five electronic tracks" lists.


Online Kraftwerk Resources

Here are links to other Kraftwerk-related web sites. Please note I haven't yet visited them all myself and don't have time to police them, so I don't guarantee that they work or are useful.

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