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This section lists music that has been written in tribute to Kraftwerk.

Tributes are different from covers and remixes in that they need not be Kraftwerk songs or even sound anything like them. Many covers and remixes are also tributes even without saying so, and those ones are listed in the covers and remixes section. This section is for works explicitly dedicated to Kraftwerk.

ARTIST: Basskraft (Robert Bartko and Ivan Kopas)
ALBUM: Basskraft: A Bass Tribute to Kraftwerk
DATE: 1998
This album contains bass-enhanced, resampled and re-vocoded versions of Trans-Europe Express, Autobahn, It's More Fun to Compute, Music Non-Stop, Pocket Calculator, Computer World, Numbers, Home Computer, Tour de France, The Robots and Computer Love, plus three remixed medley tracks.

ARTIST: David Bowie
TRACK: V2-Schneider
This was Bowie's way of returning Kraftwerk's wave from the Trans-Europe Express.

ARTIST: The Elevator Drops
ALBUM: People Mover
The tenth track on this album is titled The March of the Kraftwerk Replicants. No word on whether there is any connection to Kraftwerk other than the title.
THANKS TO: Simon Godrich.

ALBUM: Computer
No idea if this is actually a tribute album, or even if it's in any way related to Kraftwerk. This seemed like the best place to list it.

ARTIST: Kraftwelt
ALBUM: Deranged in Space (1996)
ALBUM: Electric Dimension (1996)
ALBUM: Retroish (1998)
These three albums feature electronic music, but do not sound much like Kraftwerk and contain no Kraftwerk mixes or samples. However, all three albums are dedicated to Ralf and Florian. Kraftwelt could be said to be a Kraftwerk tribute group.

ARTIST: Skanfrom
TRACK: Phon Sweet Phon
It's not clear whether this track is intended to reference Kraftwerk in any way, but it seems strongly based on Geiger Counter, Radioactivity and Ohm Sweet Ohm.
THANKS TO: Erik JÄlevik.

ARTIST: Severo Lombardoni
ALBUM: Boing Boom Tschak: A Tribute to Kraftwerk
DATE: 1994
This album includes several Kraftwerk covers and a few remix tracks.
THANKS TO: Squibb Squirrel.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: All In a Day's Werk
This is a multi-artist tribute LP. Although I own a copy, I don't have it handy in order to get the track list.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Cracking the Code: Tribute to Kraftwerk
This is a multi-artist tribute compilation containing the following remixes and covers of Kraftwerk tracks:

  1. Radioactivity by Binary Sequence
  2. Computer Love by Broke Box
  3. Endless Europe by Mare Nigrum
  4. The Model by Ambidextrous
  5. Music Nonstop by Jun-Jun Clinic
  6. Showroom Dummies by Reload
  7. Pocket Calculator by Bassland
  8. Metal on Metal by Waves
  9. Antenna by Beam Up
  10. Tour de France by Prof. Krupky
  11. The Man Machine by Shockwerks
  12. The Robots by Dynamichrome
  13. Trans Europe Express by Alex Xenophon

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Enter the Mix: A Nonstop Techno Tribute to Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk
This album is a tribute to both groups. It contains alternating covers/remixed of DM and KW tracks. All the Kraftwerk ones are found on the Trancewerk Express compilations (below) though.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Krafty Moves
This 2CD tribute set contains 28 Kraftwerk covers by artists including Erdball, Data Bank A, Apoptygma Berzerk, Leather Strip, Fiction 8, and Imminent Starvation.
THANKS TO: Squibb Squirrel.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Musique Non Stop
DATE: 1998
This Japanese release (EMI/Toshiba) contains Japanese covers and translations of Kraftwerk songs.
THANKS TO: Squibb Squirrel.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Somos Robos
Produced by the electronic magazine Urbanaque, and available only by download from the linked website. THANKS TO: Nicolau Centola.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: The Radioactive Tribute to Kraftwerk
DATE: 2002
LABEL: New Mantra / Wagram
This album contains mainly renderings of Kraftwerk songs by Japanese musicians, but also includes a few Senor Coconut versions. The track list is:

  1. Senor Coconuts: The Robots
  2. Hikashu: The Model
  3. Terou Nakano: Computer Love
  4. Satoru Wono featuring Maywa Denki: Dentaku (Tsukaba Mix)
  5. Senor Coconuts: Showroom Dummies
  6. Dhiva: Tashchenrechner
  7. Hajime Fukuma (P-Model): Music Non Stop (re M.N.S
  8. Hikashu: Radio Activity
  9. Kimitaka Matsumae: Atem/Harmonika
  10. Dhiva vs Skibby: Tour de France
  11. Makoto Inoue: Europe Endless (+ Franz Schubert and Neon Lights(
  12. Takkyu Ishino: It's More Fun to Compute
  13. Senor Coconuts: Trans Europa Express
  14. Buffalo Daughter: Autobahn

THANKS TO: Aitam Bar-Sagi.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Technicolour: A Techno Tribute to Kraftwerk
DATE: 2000
Contains the following cover tracks:

  1. Funkstar Deluxe: The Model
  2. Para One: It's More Fun To Compute
  3. Lunar Flux: The Telephone Call
  4. Funkstar Deluxe: Boing Boom Tschak
  5. Para One: Showroom Dummies
  6. Audio Science: Tour de France
  7. Element: Sex Object
  8. Voight Kampff: The Robots
  9. Para One: Trans-Europe Express

THANKS TO: Squibb Squirrel.

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Trancewerk Express vol. I: A Tribute to Kraftwerk
DATE: 1995
This is a multi-artist tribute compilation. It contains the following remixes and covers:

  1. Music Non Stop by Exis 01
  2. The Robots by Teler's
  3. Homecomputer by Audio Science
  4. Metropolis by Reverse Pulse Envelope
  5. Elektric Cafe by Purttiv J.
  6. Computerworld by Meedom & Wind
  7. Radioactivity by Ultravision
  8. Trans Europe Express by Audio Science
  9. Autobahn by Kirk
  10. The Model by Ikon

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Trancewerk Express vol. II: A Tribute to Kraftwerk
DATE 1997
This is a multi-artist tribute compilation. It contains the following remixes and covers, as well as two original tracks.

  1. Airwave by Martin O.
  2. Ruckzuck by Robotron (R. H. Kirk & R. Dorpler)
  3. Man Machine by Zero Gravity
  4. Sex Object by O.T. Zehn
  5. Tour de France by Interfaith
  6. Numbers by the Pygmy Taxi Corp.
  7. Pocketcalculator by Voight Kampff
  8. Kometenmelodie by O.T. Zehn

ARTIST: various
ALBUM: Trans-Slovenia Express
DATE: 1994 (Mute Records)
A cover compilation by Laibach. Includes the following tracks:

  1. Laibach: Zrcalo sveta (Das Spiegelglas der Welt)
  2. Coptic Rain: The Robots
  3. The One You Love: Trans-Europe Express
  4. April Nine: Radioactivity
  5. Beitthron: Airwaves
  6. Data Processed Corrupted: Transistor
  7. Borghesia: Ohm Sweet Ohm
  8. Mitja V.S.: Neonlicht
  9. Z-Entropa: Antenna
  10. Strelnikoff: The Man Machine
  11. Random Logic: Home Computer
  12. Demolition Group: The Model
  13. 300.000 V.K.: Kometenmelodie Part 1
  14. Videosex: Spacelab
  15. Kraftbach (aka Laibach): Lie-Werk

THANKS TO: Squibb Squirrel.

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