Talk for the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers: The Internet

Speaking Notes and Graphic Overheads

Part III: Internet Materials for Civil Engineers

Copyright, Roy Brander, P.Eng. 1995. Permission to reproduce is given so long as the reference is credited.

Here are a few of the more interesting posts to the USENET newsgroup "sci.engr.civil".

First, a question from Australia about acquifer recharge, answered from South Carolina. An example of how global the USENET is.

Another global one, and kind of amusing. A post from Florence, Italy about their transit problems. Why they don't dare do subways is funny.

One that shows the value of answering questions by computer. A question on concrete freeze-thaw gets an answer pages long because the Dallas respondent had a lot of information handy in a file on their computer.

A huge list of Internet resources for Transporation Engineering posted by another user with a big file he's been putting together.

The rest are some examples of Web sites I've found for civil engineers.

Water Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Structural Engineering

One more of interest:
Society of Women Engineers

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