Visor and Mega and the Alphabet Gang

by David Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

One day the two super heroes Visor and Mega were taking a walk when they noticed one of their three arch enemies, the one named Ex, attacking a hot dog stand.

The hot dogs were "all beef" so they wondered if they were edible. After eating three dogs (hot dogs, that is) they became very intelligent. From there on they ate three dogs daily.

But the new diet was not a good idea. After two weeks, both of the super heroes were severely constipated, which caused them both great pain and weakness. Their arch enemies, realizing that something was wrong, decided to seize the opportunity to get revenge for all the beatings they had suffered at the hands of these two foes.

Ex, Wai, and Zed decided on a plan of action. They set out for the local Safeway, armed to the teeth. When they burst in and announced their presence, all the shoppers dropped to the floor, cowering in fear. Ex raided all the cash registers, while Wai kept a watch on all the exits, and Zed cleaned out the meat section. They bolted out the door, loot in hand, as the store manager placed an urgent phone call to Visor and Mega.

Visor, having just eaten ten oranges, used his visor to pinpoint Ex, Wai, and Zed. Mega felt ill, until he was given a jug of lemonade. He drank it and felt much better. Yes, he drank the whole jug. Mega fired his mega-weapon right beside Ex. He dodged right into the way. Then he fired between Wai and Zed. They ran right into each other -- and the shot. "Idiots," thought Visor.

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