A Whale of a Tale

by Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar and David Dewar

And then they walked down the beach to see the whale which had escaped from the aquarium. Willy the whale appeared lost, since this was her first taste of freedom. She had lived all her life (5.6 years) in a huge tank full of Ginger Ale and she did not like the salt water ocean she was now in. So she swam back up the river and jumped, making a great splash, into the aquarium.

Wham! Right into the special tank reserved for Delia the dolphin. "What do you think you're doing?" she sputtered. Unfortunately, since whales are not as bright as dolphins, and lack their special communication skills, Willy had no idea what this "silly creature" was saying.
"Thanks -- I'm happy to be here," was his reply. "What say we unite and control this whole operation?"

Unfortunately, the splash from Willy's unexpected entrance was enough to wash Delia right out of the aquarium and away to the river. Willy, thinking that she must be working on some great plan of conquest (and, ultimately, world domination), decided to follow her. However, he got stuck in the gift shop's dolphin-sized door.

Willy cried out for help. Finally, Delia came back. Delia whammed into him with such force, he not only got out the gift shop entrance, he went right through the back door!

Then they found themselves flowing upstream right into their tanks. "Oh well," thought Willy, "world domination would have been too hard anyway."
The End

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