The Baby Deer

by Jeannette Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Shane Dewar, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Doug Dewar and Megan Dewar

Deep in the forest a mother deer had just given birth to a baby deer boy.

"Oh dear," said the father, who had been hoping for a baby moose girl.

He didn't understand how a new baby gets its species, even though his wife-deer kept trying to explain it to him.

When two hot -- no, I mean mega-hotties -- came and saw the deer.

They were so impressed by the cute little baby that they immediately fell in love with it.

Then all the animals, but no birds, in the forest came to see the baby deer.

The birds were all drunk from eating the rotten apples on Bob Dewar's tree.

So they sued him for all he had, leaving him to go live in a trailer in Forest Lawn.

He missed his big house.

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