Poison Murder: Case Solved?

by Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Shane Dewar, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Doug Dewar, Megan Dewar and Jeannette Dewar

"OBJECTION!" I yelled out, my voice echoing across the courtroom.

"The prosecutor is badgering the witness in his attempt to ferret out the truth about that rascally rabbit!"

When I was about to stop yelling I did not.

It was just too much fun to yell in court, especially at my mean old sister of a prosecutor.

So the police and the doctor came in and took me out for lunch...

which was really a punishment since the restaurant was a greasy spoon!

I ordered lobster à la mode with a side of honey.

Then I got sick.

And died choking on my own vomit.

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