Tragedy: Booze or No Booze

by Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar and Jeff Dewar

Upon hearing of the recent tragedy that befell his polo teacher, Freddy decided to play it cool and invite his wife to the bar for a drink of lemonade. However, she refused to appear in a bar on Sunday. So Freddy tried another approach.

He asked the woman next door, and she cheerfully agreed. However, when they arrived at the bar, they discovered that it was closed, as the bar tender was Freddy's polo teacher's brother, and had left to deal with certain unfinished business. This left Freddy and Suzette wondering what they should do.

"Why not drop in at your dead polo teacher's house, and offer our condolences?" asked Suzette. "They're sure to be serving lots of hard stuff there to make everyone feel better."
"Great idea! Let's go!"
"Not so fast," came a faint voice in the shadows. "First, you must deal with me."

Who was this mysterious figure? He -- at least, it sounded like a he -- neither looked nor sounded familiar. "What do you mean by 'deal with' you?"
"Oh, it's terribly simple." The stranger billowed open his cloak dramatically. "You must defeat me in a children's card game!"

Freddy gave the mysterious villain a blank stare. "I don't have time to play poker with you."
"What? No, not poker!"
"No! A trading card game!"
"Sorry, I don't play Magic™."
"Not Magic™, you fool! Duelmonsters™!"
"You know what?" cut in Suzette, "I play Right Hook in Attack Mode."
"I've never heard of that monst--ow!"
And so the mystery villain, Steve Stephenwolf, was promptly defeated, allowing Freddy and Suzette to continue on their quest for alcohol. Tune in next week to find out what happens when they arrive at Polo Paul's house!

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