March of the Prinnies

by Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and David Dewar

"I'm telling you, dood," said the Netherworldly penguin creature, "we Prinnies just aren't cut out for this kind of work!"
"Tell me about it, dood," replied his squadmate. "Just one quick toss and we explode, dood!"
"Yeah," responded a third Prinny, "and all the demons around here treat us as slave labor! It's just not fair, dood!"

"Yes, but being a slave ain't all bad," replied a fourth Prinny. "After all, we get fed and have a place to play cards and to sleep."
"It sure beats being homeless, especially out here in the desert." Those remarks really got the other folks so upset they began to riot.

"Let my Prinnies go!" they exclaimed. "Freedom now!" They started jumping up and down, which, unfortunately, turned out to be a bad idea, as sufficiently high jumps resulted in explosions upon landing. This, in turn, led to general panic and more jumping about, which of course only exacerbated the problem. By the time the demons arrived to investigate, there was nothing left but a smoking crater and one lone Prinny.

"This is a disaster," screamed the dictator of the Netherworld. "Who will take the place of the penguin creatures and do all the hard labour for our world?"
"How about the Yahoo horse creatures who live underground?" asked Brunkovsky, his simian assistant.
"That would never do -- you know they would eat...

all the friendly scarecrows. No, wait, I'm evil, what do I care?"
"Ah, but Overlord," the mistress of the Prinny squad pointed out, "where do you think the dreaded Horse Wiener comes from?"
"Well, I suppose that would be from a horse... no. No! Keep them away! Just... just seriously overwork the remaining Prinny or something."
This was precisely the reaction Mistress Etna had hoped for. "As you wish, you highness!"
        HAPPY END
Prinny: Dood! Happy end?! Seriously!? That is messed up, dood!

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