In Which Distraction Ensues

by David Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

In the samurai village of Strutting on Leaves, many fine young swordsmen trained in the ways of stealth and backstabbing. It didn't used to be that way, but a ninja known as Carmen San Francisco had stolen the Code of Bushido.

Naturally, the moment the shogun realized what had happened, he sent a squad of his best warriors to track down the thief and recover the very samurai way of life. Unfortunately, his six finest warriors were all samurai, and without the guidance of Bushido, they all ended up just abandoning him. As such, the great shogun Shien was forced to send out his finest non-samurai warriors, who were ranked about twenty-third of all his squads.

These warriors then proceeded to do battle with the army which was led by Dora the Explorer. She was a fierce leader who had won 14 battles in the previous month. That was a modern day record. However, the battle was quickly cancelled due to flooding of the Red River.

The two bands of warriors, being unable to reach each other across the raging torrent, agreed to settle matters by holding a rafting competition instead. The first group to make it down the river and out to sea would be declared the winner. Dora's army proved victorious, but, by virtue of having been swept out to sea, were no longer in a position to exert any influence on matters of state.

Which was exactly what the shogun had planned! He rallied his non-samurai warriors and they returned triumphantly to their village.

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