Surprise from the Netherworld

by Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar and Alan Dewar

"Oh no!" cried Arabella as she espied the huge pile of pig-droppings on her freshly washed kitchen floor. "Who let Horace in here again?"
"Don't worry, Mom. Pistachio will be here soon and he will...

wash all that mess away with the diverted River Styx."
"But that's hardly an improvement! All my sullied cookery will be flushed to the Netherworld! Asagi dear, if that happens, I'm counting on you to go get it all back. Then we can publish your memoirs -- as a working title, let's call it Makai Wars (Pending)."

"My word, this sounds like an awfully ill-conceived attempt at a video game tie-in."
"Yes dear, that's exactly what it is."
"Well... am I the main character, at least?"
"Um... sure, why not?"
And so Asagi departed for the Netherworld to retrieve her mother's cooking tools. This left Arabella all alone at home, so she decided to...

throw a big party for the entire neighborhood. It would be the first such party in Pottersville since the Baileys went bankrupt after their building burned down with Uncle Billy inside. But just as the party started something weird occurred.

Lucifer himself walked in, carrying an armful of dirty dishes. "Who sent these?!" he thundered. "... because they're really quite nice, and I appreciate the gesture. I especially like the floral pattern, which will go great with my wallpaper." In fact, Lucifer was so impressed that he even allowed Uncle Billy to return to the world, where they all lived happily ever after.

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