The Circuit Shack

by Alan Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, David Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Bob Dewar

Having worked at the Circuit Shack for several months, Mike figured he could handle anything that might come up. However, he was ill-prepared for the events which were about to ensue with the release of the latest Pokémon game.

By 3 AM, the line-up of would-be buyers already twisted around the outside of the mall and as far as downtown. This would not have mattered so much, had the blizzard not started with a fury 2 hours before. Mike decided that this was a real emergency so he called

in a favor from Captain Hammer!
"Don't worry, pal. All these nerds will be taken care of soon. We can't have them wandering free, after all, potential villains that they are!"
"What are you captain of, anyway?"

There was a long pause. "What do you mean? I'm Captain Hammer, corporate tool!"
"So... you work for the government?"
"Well, what else would I work for? Anyway, tell me how many nerds I'm up against so I can make the necessary preparations."
"Wait, hold on... I wanted you to save these people from the blizzard, not beat them up!"
There was another long pause. "Why would you want that?"

"Because they are all my kin folk and I am responsible for them," was the reply. At that point Captain Hammer started to pound the ground with great force -- enough force to start an earthquake -- 6.7 on the Richter scale. At that point all those in the line-up scattered like leaves in the wind, and no further sales were made that day at Circuit Shack.

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