Zorc and Pals in Full Life Consecrations!

by David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

Once upon a dark and stormy midsummer night's dream, Zork, who was Zorc's brother, got an e-mail from his mother. Attached was a file of recipes, because Zork's mom wanted him to be a lawyer, so he needed recipes for his wife to cook!

But there was something strange about these recipes -- they all required a secret ingredient, Factor X. Where was he to obtain the stuff? How about a quick call to

the Soup Nazi. He knew all about secret ingredients, as he had discovered 114 of them since becoming chief chef at the Holiday Inn in Red Deer. But there was one small problem.

The Soup Nazi was notoriously secretive and would not likely be willing to share whatever information he might have on Factor X. Zork, nevertheless, was determined, and sneaked into the Red Deer Holiday Inn kitchen in the middle of the night. He was entirely unprepared for what he encountered there.

"Oh no it is the headcrab zombie!" said Zork. He turned to walk away, but then remembered he needed Factor X and instead walked fast into the building to avoid the headcrab zombie. He found the Soup Nazi but the headcrab zombies had already gotten him so he cried out "NO!" and ran back outside and ate the headcrab zombie. He discovered something odd -- the headcrab zombie was delishis! So he went and killed more headcrab zombies and took them home, for headcrabs were also known as Factor X! "Now I have all the ingredients I need," said Zork. "All I need now is a wife!"

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