Dictionary Definition of Strange

by Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Jenni Dewar, Pascal, Alice Wachter, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and Alan Dewar

netPikatron: Well, we're here, right in time for the finals.
Net.exe: We're only so late because you --
netPikatron: Yeah, yeah. I know. Well, what should we do while waiting for it to start?

Emperor Dodd: Why don't we netbattle for a bit?
Ninjaman: I'm ready when you are, net!
Scenario: However, due to a cosmic shift at that moment, "netbattle" took on new meaning! Did I mention I'm the narrator?

Emperor Dodd: I'm not sure how this jello got here.
Net Pikatron: What exactly is the new definition of "netbattle," hey is that a goat too?

Emperor Dodd: A goat!!! What are you talking about? We start with a fair battle and now we talk about goat...
Net Pikatron: Well, you stop talking about my jello and I will stop talking about your goat...
We start with the viewing of the finals and where will we finish this dangerous netbattle...

Forget all the rest. Let's head back to earth. At least there we will know what we're talking about. The space craft took off and little did they know that a Pikatron and a goat had hidden on board.

While on board the goat gave birth to 2 kids (i.e., baby goats, not children). The Pikatron, who was also a midwife, helped with the births.

In honour of the Pikatron, the goat named her babies Pika and Tron, and the Pikatron was delighted.

Emperor Dodd proclaimed them all Honorary Citizens of the Net, and there was much rejoicing.

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