by Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, David Dewar, Jenni Dewar, Pascal, Alice Wachter, Bob Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

Fred was bored. All of his friends had gone off to summer camp, but he had stayed home with the flu. Since his flu was now better, he thought he should do something to surprise his friends.

So he built a castle. Then he got bored again, so he converted a large section of open country into a life-size model of Holodrum, the land of seasons. Then he got boared again again.

Then he got lost. He studied the map in his "Legend of Zelda" game, but it was so small, and thusly lacking in detail, that it was quite useless. He decided to search for the Rod Of Seasons, in order to help him escape.

He searched for the Rod of Seasons for 3 days to no avail. Ready to give up, he sat on a large hill to think. Suddenly, he felt something crawling on him. He looked down and saw thousands of ants! He got up and began running.

Looking behind him, he never saw the three in front of him, and boom!!!

He ran right smack into the Wizard of Death. "And where are you off to, my fine friend? Your fate is already sealed."

"Sealed how?" he asked.
"Sealed in this big bank safe for protection."
"But why do I need protection?" he asked.

"Because the Master of Fates has decided that you should never feel bored again. Every day, you will be challenged by a mind-boggling puzzle which you must solve before midnight. If you do not reach the solution in time -- Kaboom! You're history!"

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