The Colourful Sky

by Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar and David Dewar

That night it snowed during a lightning storm. So the sky was pink. "Wow," said Billy Beaver, "I wish I could see the pink sky," but poor Billy was colour blind. So Betty Beaver described it to him as follows:

"Well, there's pink, white, and yellow."
"Yellow?" questioned Billy. "What's causing the yellow?"
"Oh, that's the lightning," explained Betty.
"But Betty, lightning is of all colours, hence more white! The yellow colour they show in cartoons is a misconception!"

"Nevertheless," said Betty, "there's a distinct shaft of yellow running across the sky. Oh, and now there's some orange, too. And purple polka-dots."

"Also pink elephants, and green mongeeses, and --"
"Never mind," interrupted Billy. "You seem to be too drunk to see properly. I'll just describe it to myself."
And with his next sip of Wily BeerTM, Billy could finally see colour again. Wily BeerTM, the easy answer to all your problems*.
* except alcoholism

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