Batman the Zubat

by David Dewar, Bob Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Alan Dewar

Once there was a zubat named Batman. He really didn't like his name. Happily, he soon found a solution to his problem.

He found his birth mother (the one who named him "Batman") and demanded a name change. She consulted the family and finally came up with this name....

She named him "Batguy." However, this was no improvement, so Batguy (for that was Batman's new name) ran away from home and called himself just "Zubat." This was fine for him, until one day...

He found himself among a whole flock of Zubat, with some guy calling out, "Zubat!" Every one of them turned to look, but no one could figure out which one the guy wanted. Batguy decided this was ridiculous, so he moved to Tijuana (where there weren't any other Zubat) and changed his name to Carlos, living happily ever after.

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