George and Buffy

by Alan Dewar, David Dewar, Bob Dewar and Jeff Dewar

George was on his way to school, and everything seemed pretty ordinary. He didn't notice what was lurking behind the bush, until his classmate, Buffy, dove in.

The thing was humanoid, and like no demon Buffy had ever faced. It was totally yellow, except for its large, round glasses. "Oh, hi, N4t3, didn't see you there," George said.

"What are you up to anyway?" shouted Buffy.
"I just wanted to scare little George," he said.
"Well, you scared him to death," said Buffy. "Now what shall we do with the corpse?"

"What corpse?" asked George.
"I dunno," said Nate. "Should we bury it or cremate him?"
"What corpse??" demanded George.
"Cremate. That way he can't come back as a vampire," suggested Buffy.
"Good point," said Nate.
It was then that George realised he was a ghost, so he had to 'live' the rest of his days helping Buffy from the spirit world.

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