by Jeff Dewar, Alan Dewar, David Dewar and Bob Dewar

"Hah! I have 29!"
"Oh yeah? Well, I have 19, see?"
"That's impossible and you know it."
"But I have it! See?"
"...dear lord! You really do have 19! Wait, what game are we playing?"

"You don't know?! Whack-a-mole, obviously! Pay attention!"
"Say, isn't that Marvin?"

"Yes, I am Marvin, the star-nosed mole, and I want to buy a brown car."
"Sorry, duddes, but the game's called whack-a-mole, so..."

"Don't whack this mole, or you're under arrest."
But Marvin got whacked again. So the police showed up and arrested everyone in sight.

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