Duke Boom Boo and Raphael and the Miserably Sunny Day

by Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, David Dewar and Bonnie Liesemer

It was a bright and sunny day, which was an unusual thing in Creepy Steeple. All its ghastly inhabitants were aghast.
"How dare the sun show its miserable face down here!" the resident Boom Boo screeched.

Well, it's like this, you see. They all hate sunlight, so tend to live in the dark corners of Creepy Steeple, where no human has set foot. On the other hand, they will venture out some days when there is a celebration like today.

The shining light of the sun made all of the usual, comforting dark oozies and slimies reflect a rainbow of colours, and completely distorted the environment. The Boom Boo, usually nonchalant about dangers, was starting to lose control of himself and even giggled once or twice. This could be the end of Creepy Steeple. Suddenly

a raven appeared -- not your ordinary garden-variety raven, but one the size of a small bus, blocking out the sun from Boom Boo's view. With this, he was able to regain his normal perspective and better contemplate the situation. "Come on," exclaimed the raven, "climb on my back and I'll explain things as we go."

"Well," Duke Boom Boo pondered, "ravens are, after all, a symbol of death; and so, since we Boos are a race of ghosts, it seems unlikely that you mean us harm. All right, I'll go!" As soon as the Duke had sent his subjects safely to the danker parts of the dungeon, the two departed for ... wherever the raven was taking him.

Meanwhile, back in the sun, some people had their own celebrations. One person was David Dewar, and he was having a birthday party. At least some creatures like the sun.

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