The Baker's Secret, Not-So-Revealed!

by David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Bob Dewar

"Mmmm, pastries," Jomer commented as he prepared to snack on a purple-flavored, sprinkle-covered donut.
The baker reminded him, "Just don't forget to pay for that, Mr. Mankattan."

"Why should I pay? I'm much bigger than you, so there's no way you can make me!"
"We'll see about that," replied the baker. "I just happen to have a secret weapon behind the counter." And as he spoke, he pulled out a

handkerchief and blew his nose. "Eew!" cried Jomer, "Gross!" And he ran out into the street, completely forgetting his prized donut.
"Weird," said the baker. "I didn't even get to show him my weapon. Oh, well, it looks like another customer is coming in." But this was no ordinary customer!

This was Bartoven XIV, who decided to celebrate his 14th failed song-writing attempt with pie!
"But sir... why?"
"I zed I vant pie! Hmm... vhy, pie... hey! Zat rhymes! EUREKA! I'm filled vith -- no, zat's gas. Never mind! Hey, vat's that zing behind zee counter?!"

"Eet's my segret veppon -- I mean, it's my secret weapon," replied the baker.
"What's so secret about it?" asked Bartoven XIV.
"It's secret because I haven't decided which one to use," said the baker.

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