The Mighty Mites

by Bob Dewar, David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar and Jeff Dewar

That night the moon shone brightly on the mountain top. Actually, it was not a mountain, but a termite hill. It only looked like a mountain from where Terry the turtle stood. But he was suddenly shocked to see what came out of that termite hill.

Yes, oddly enough, from the hill emerged not termites but rather dust mites! What were they doing here? Terry decided it was best to just ask them.

"Say, you guys, how on earth did you get out of the mattress and into that termite hill?"
"Didn't you know," replied the dust mites. "We are directly related to termites."
"Since when?"

...that big solar storm last month, with all the ionizing radiation, and the cosmic rays, and the mutating electrical fields."
"Oh," said Terry. "I guess that kinda makes sense. It probably explains how it is that we can talk, too."
"For sure," said the dust mites. "It takes a good set of lungs to talk to a turtle, and we dustermites -- um, mustardites -- eh, whatever -- aren't traditionally known for our lung capacity. So, anyway, what brings you to our humble hill, Terry?"

"Oh, I thought I'd watch the New Year's fireworks."
"...uh, Terry...? It isn't New Year's."
"Oh? Then those explosions I saw were--"
Before Terry could say "n't fireworks?" the alien spaceship finally crashlanded.
<Oh, zarg! I knew that asteroid we hit last Terran month would have ill effects!>

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