Movie Madness!

by Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, David Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and Alan Dewar

The following PREVIEW is rated 'C' for 'Chaoti--OH GOD MY SPLEEN!'
"Mooooo moo moo moooo." ("Luke, I am your father.")
"Quack? Quack quack! Quack Quaaack!" ("What?! That's ridiculous! We're different species!!")
"MOOOOOO!!" ("Oh, shut up.")
ANIMAL FARM, in theatres nowhere February 30th
Viewer 1: That was random.

Viewer 2: That was incredible, in spite of what everyone says. In fact it was so incredible that I don't believe it. But then both credibility and belief are relative, as in the theory of relativity; at least that's what the philosopher Pluto (Plato's cousin) claims.

Viewer with gun: Hush, you; it's not like the movie was threatening your position as reigning most random entity around.
Viewer 1: Yeah, the only thing that ever did that was --
Zeeky H. Bomb: Heyo!
Viewers: AAAH!

Viewer 3: I don't understand any of this. Someone -- please -- explain it to me!

Theater Manager: Don't you guys get it? It's an allegory! A love story! A tragic tale of woe and weeping! A -- um -- well, whatever, it's a preview, and you guys are making too much noise. Now, get out of my theater, and stop disturbing the other patrons!

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