The Missing Cheese

by Alan Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Bob Dewar, David Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

"Where's my cheese?" asked Cynthia the bunny. "I could have sworn I left it right here, next to the ketchup." But the cheese was nowhere to be seen, and the ketchup was no help.

"Have you seen my chocolate?" questioned Morton the mouse, entering.
"I thought you were lactose-intolerant," noted Cynthia.
"I am," retorted Morton, "so I didn't and couldn't eat your cheese! But chocolate doesn't have lactose, so..."

"It is only cheese-flavoured chocolate -- the kind that mice eat at Christmas," he said.
"Why only at Christmas?" was the next question.
"Because reindeer produce cheese to flavour the chocolate then," was the reply.

"Let's change the subject..."
"All right, hmm..."
"Nice weather we're having."
At this point, a random bystander burst into both the room and the conversation: "You kidding? It's been raining cats and dogs for days now -- literally! Oh, how rude of me; I'm Random Bystander."

"That reminds me of what a little boy named David once said to his grandmother after the heavy rain had become a gentle spray. 'Grandma,' he said, 'now it's raining hearts and blueberries.'"
"Nice thought," said Cynthia, "but I still want to know where my cheese is."
"No problem," squeaked Morton, "the cheese melted on the table, so I poured it into the ketchup. But where is my chocolate?"
"Ha, ha, ha," laughed Cynthia, "same place!"

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