The Adventures of E-Bunny

by Bob Dewar, Louis Zimmerman, Bonnie Liesemer, David Dewar, Jeff Dewar, Mary Lou Dewar and Alan Dewar

'Twas the night before Easter when all through the house nothing was stirring, not even the E-Bunny. Well, why not? It's because the E-Bunny had a busy day ahead -- she was scheduled to distribute eggs on Easter day. Some eggs were hard boiled and some were fried, but the most interesting were

missing, unfortunately.
"Now where, oh where have my missing eggs gone? Oh where, oh where can they be? With their... Oh My Goodness! What Is This?

Is this a missing egg on the pathway? Actually it is now a found egg and another seems to be just over there by an unfamiliar... unfamiliar... oh, drat, what were they called, now? Oh, yes, that's right: just over there by that unrecognized animatronic president! Now why the heck is there something like that somewhere like this, especially somewhen like now?"

"Because," replied the robotic Teddy Roosevelt, "I'm here to inform you not to keep going."
"Why not?" the E-Bunny replied calmly, despite turning white ... well, whiter, anyway.

"Easter is officially over, so no egg-placing or egg-seeking is allowed."
"Says who?" asked the E-Bunny. "It's my day. So I should be the one who decides when it's over."
"That's a laugh! Here's

a carrot, Bunny; now, go home and forget this egg nonsense." Not one to turn down a free carrot, E-Bunny did exactly that. And that's how the robotic Teddy Roosevelt managed to steal Easter from the poor egg-seeking children that year. Fortunately, he later died from a massive excess of cholesterol after eating all the eggs.

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