by Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, Louis Zimmerman, Bonnie Liesemer, David Dewar, Jeff Dewar and Mary Lou Dewar

Kintaro was running late. His bicycle's rear tire had gone flat, and he had had to improvise a replacement. Fortunately, in his new part-time job, he had access to the kinds of materials which make ideal bicycle-tire replacements, but are not normally used as such. Thus, he was now cycling frantically to work, with a mini-cyclotron for a rear tire.

However, the cyclotron urned out to be unstable, since it had been treated with bad ions (negative instead of positive). As a result, it exploded on Crowchild Freeway just as the Hell's Angels gang was passing by. Wait 'til you hear what they did to get even.

The noon-o-clock news the next day was weirder than normal. It seems that a group of glowing, oddly mutated bikers had been rumbling up and down the bike paths in town, attempting to assault cyclists. They (the bikers) seemed to be quite miffed. The cyclists were becoming very nervous, even though none had been hurt yet. It appears that a scared cyclist could still out-ride a motorcycle with two flat tires...

Well, a motorcycle gang with no motorcycles is just a bunch of middle-aged guys wearing leather. What could they do now?

Well, you know, besides anything involving brass knuckles, steel-toed boots, or beating people to death with their helmets.

Their main target, "Golden Boy" Kintaro -- so called because the accident had welded much of the Hell's Angels' gold to him -- had already rushed off to another town to escape them when their 'mutant powers' awoke.

"Now we are ready to destroy Golden Boy," they yelled. "We can merge into a rocket and fly right over to that town."
But it was not to be. Their mutant powers went amok and turned the whole gang into a puff of smoke. Golden Boy would live to fight another day.

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