Sticky Feet

by Mary Lou Dewar, Alan Dewar, Bob Dewar, Louis Zimmerman, Bonnie Liesemer, David Dewar and Jeff Dewar

"I knew I should have turned off the alarm and stayed in bed," thought Elmo, as he stepped out of his front door -- right into a foot of red slush. "That's odd -- why is this slush so red?" he asked himself. "Ah -- now I understand! It's because of the

car crash at the 7-11. All the cherry Slurpee juice has spilled out into the snow. It looks yummy, but it's awfully sticky, and I can't move!" Fortunately, Elmo wasn't the only one to notice how yummy the red slush looked. A pack of wild rodents were happily slurping it up, and had soon reached Elmo's front porch. When they'd finished the slush, however, they continued advancing on Elmo.

At that point Elmo called the Police Dog, who came running at top speed. "Yap yap," called P.D. -- the dog -- "get the blazes out of here and stop harassing Elmo."
"Oh, relax," called out the rodent leader, "we only wanted to find out where we could find more cherry snow cone stuff."
"It's over there," said Elmo, pointing to his left.

"Thanks!" said the rodent leader. The pack made an abrupt left, and vanished into the Sev.
"You OK?" asked P.D.
"Yes, I think so..." responded Elmo. "My feet are still awfully sticky, though."
"Lemme see what I can do about that..." muttered P.D., trotting over.
The rodent pack were happily dismembering a slushy machine when they became aware of shrieks and howls, something between agony and hysterical laughter, coming from outside. The rodent leader poked his nose through the door, only to see

that the Cat came back, she just wouldn't stay away!

"No! It's the cat! Retreat! All personnel, fall back!"
"Sorry," Camomile Kitty apologized to P.D. "They fled at the sight of me."
"Well, Plan B should be infallible; it's just a little inconvenient. Let's go."

"Wait!" cried Elmo, as the police-types went dashing off. Too late. They were already gone. "But what about my sticky feet...? Oh, well. Maybe I'll be able to get Ernie and Bert's help." So he headed down Sesame Street to their house, and they got his feet all washed up. Sadly, Oscar spilled his cream soda slushie from the corner store, stickying Elmo's feet again...

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